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Different aspects of designing residential & industrial sliding gate operators

An automatic sliding gate system in your new or existing sliding system of gate promotes a safer, easier, and secure home or business environment. Automatic slide openers like turnstiles and automatic boom gates help improve privacy and protect building premises from unwanted intrusion. The operator suitable for the gate depends upon the weight and size of the existing gate. The size of motors for the sliding gate depends upon the weight and length of the gate. Sliding gate operators range from domestic light duty for domestic usage to industrial extra heavy duty for manufacturing plants and entrances for the site.

The speed you want your gate to be opened also greatly influence the sliding gate system for your property. If the gate is in a dangerous or vulnerable area, fast entry and shutting of the gate is crucial to protect your property and vehicle from unwanted risk. You may require fast entry if your driveaway is on a busy street, so as not to block the traffic. We can even choose from a variety of access control methods to open and shut the entry gate. Some of them are keypad access, remote control access, photoelectric beam or even using mobile phones now. You want to increase your safety and security, simply install a sliding gate operator.

Power supply for the operators

The modern gate operators come with various power sources solutions. It can be even powered by solar energy, an especially good option for rural areas property or properties with limited power access supply. For solar energy to work effectively the position of the gate, Is important in regards to power as big trees or structures can inhibit solar power effectiveness. Solar energy is advanced and more reliable than ever but backing up with battery back-up is considered safe on days of limited light supply.

Tracked sliding gates

They run along a fixed track which takes up the majority of the gate’s weight. The track is placed along with the opening, at the base of the gate, and the gate itself automates the operation. They are available in the single, telescopic or paired-leaf design. They are very space-efficient and extremely suitable for the sites with restricted space beyond the gate. They are capable of handling high and heavy sliding gate design.

Cantilever sliding gates

These types of sliding gates designs are counterbalanced and hence doesn’t require a track to run along with the gate opening. Guided by the rollers at the top the gate is available in single- or paired-leaf design. It perfectly works on uneven grounds or where the ground is sloped towards upward. Suitable for wider openings the gates are simple to install since the groundwork is not required for laying a track. They don’t demand much maintenance as the area beneath the gate doesn’t require debris cleaning. They are less expensive than tracked sliding gates with silent operation. The only disadvantage is the overall length it acquires on your site.

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