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Hands-Free Opening Devices  

The QUIKO range of hands-free opening devices meets various kinds of needs, from the simplest to the most professional. It consists of three new product series, AMBROGIO, FALCON and LIBRA, which allow, in different ways, to give the opening command to an automation simply by approaching it with your car.

AMBROGIO consists of a long-range transponder system and is designed for both civil and industrial users while FALCON consists of an advanced license plate recognition system and is particularly suitable for industrial users who require a high degree of safety. LIBRA is our innovative smart device which will allow you to activate an automation without the use of remote controls but simply by using your smartphone.

Hands-Free Opening Devices  

Hands-free gate opening: a safe system

You will not only have the comfort, but also the safety and the possibility to better and adequately manage the access and exit of cars and other vehicles from an area. Hands-free opening devices are super comfortable and let you drive without worries. It is in fact a system that allows you to open and close a gate in a simple way, without having to leave the car nor even to activate remote controls, or having to wait for the activation of the gate remotely.

The devices can use different ways of opening and closing, from the use of transponders to the recognition of license plates or even the use of your own smartphone. The hands-free opening systems are designed to offer a functional solution for civil use of huge dimensions and also for large industrial areas of more complex management and which require a higher degree of safety than normal.

Gate opening with car approach and more

Quiko offers a wide selection of solutions that allows hands-free opening with the help of different systems: it is possible to choose the control of the openings through transponders that act as a link between a tag found in the vehicle and the automation system for the gate through a radio receiver. You can choose a system that recognizes the license plate and that allows you to enter the gate only by approaching the car or a device that allows you to open the gate by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi through the dedicated App compatible with the major vocal assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa.

The proposals for hands-free opening systems are suitable for civil, business and industrial use and are designed to be adaptable to specific needs; the solutions offered are developed directly by us and allow us to offer the right system to meet every need.

We also offer tailor-made support to help you in choosing the best solution, relying on effective and fast technical assistance, offered by the referred operator.

Access control: reliability and security

The Quiko philosophy aims to offer innovative solutions to the customer which are suitable for overcoming new challenges that arise from day to day. Only in this way can reliable performance be guaranteed, so as to offer maximum safety. Our hands-free gate opening systems are developed according to innovative methods, and making use of our knowledge, achieved in this particular technological field, so as to allow the management of the entrance and exits from the vehicle gates, thanks to cutting-edge systems.

The production and development are high-standard, as well as the quality of the materials which must always meet high level criteria of solidity and reliability. The technologies offered are always sophisticated in order to always offer safe performance and respond to needs which are always increasingly specific.

Choose Quiko and discover our AMBROGIO, FALCON and LIBRA proposals: contact us for more information.