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Access control system

Secure your buildings by giving access only to users with certain permissions.

The QUIKO access control systems of the DOMINO series include a wide range of products for the management of access control through features such as transponder card readers, magnetic card readers and vandal-resistant keypads. Each of the aforementioned equipment is available both in stand-alone version and in a version controlled by the control panel; maximum safety is also guaranteed by resin electronics.

By means of the wide range of control panels available, a QUIKO access control system can control up to 4000 users and 2 doors. Functions such as event memory and anti-pass-back are just some of the modern functions that the DOMINO series door access control systems manage.

Access control system

Security Door Systems

Today, public and private structures use a door access control system: in this way it is possible to safely manage access to an area by keeping important assets monitored and to protect people. This system consists of a technology installed in a passage that aims to monitor the flow of accesses and exits. In this way, it is possible to manage the key points of passage more easily and keep the safety of a given area under control.

Through the use of cutting-edge technologies that make use of badges or tags, it is possible to supervise the access of people in a simple way, by sending the data to the programmed control panel, giving a sign of consent or denial to the opening of the controlled gate. Control systems help to improve safety in sensitive areas and they are the recommended choice for offices, accommodation facilities, and also for garages and residences.

Customised access control system

Quiko’s range of access control systems is designed to provide a wide choice of solutions that can be adapted to every need. In fact, electronic accessories are proposed to allow the automation and control of the passageways, such as doors, gates, industrial doors or entrances for a number of users to be established according to the needs.

Also with regard to the methods of activating the control, different alternatives are proposed, from the use of the classic badge, up to tags of different types. The strong point, however, is the possibility of always being guided by one of our operators who will follow each phase with the utmost attention, offering personal and fast technical assistance.

Access control: reliability and security

The Quiko philosophy is aimed at offering the customer innovative devices that can overcome the new challenges that arise every day. Only in this way is it possible to protect our customers and offer them maximum security. We therefore propose access control and attendance management systems thanks to our skills in this technological field, to allow the enabling of people or vehicles to enter and exit the gates, thanks also to a monitoring and recording system of all movements, with management of schedules and permits in limited areas.

Creation and production follow high standards; the components and accessories are of the highest quality, paying attention to solidity and reliability, which are fundamental features for safety technologies. Each of our systems is developed according to cutting-edge criteria, precisely to meet increasingly specific needs.

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