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Automatic doors

QUIKO presents the new line of automations for automatic doors, capable of handling sliding doors with a single leaf (max 120kg for WINNY LIGHT) or double leaf (80+80kg for WINNY LIGHT). The automations of the SWINGY series are the ideal solution to automate swing doors up to 200Kg.

Each QUIKO automatic door is equipped with high-quality components and has the latest technologies in terms of safety for the user.

QUIKO automatic sliding doors are in compliance with European safety regulations and achieve the highest levels of quality. Functions such as slowdown and obstacle detection are just some of the varied set of functions that each of our automatic doors is provided with.

Check the weight and length of your door and visit our catalog to find the perfect solution for your new and easy installation automatic sliding door QUIKO.

Automatic doors

Motorized doors: comfort and practicality

Today more and more businesses decide to install an automatic door: it is in fact a practical solution that allows you to avoid monotonous and exhausting movements, as well as allowing a safer management of the flow of people. In fact, it is not necessary to use the hands to push or pull the doors, but simply a command that can be given remotely through a remote control, or more commonly with a motion sensor that perceives the presence of a person approaching the passageway.

Automated doors are recommended for several reasons, starting from the simple aesthetic factor, and connected to a more practical management of spaces. It is a safe and easily manageable system, and it is easily usable even by the disabled and the elderly. Motorized doors are the best choice for companies, offices, as well as commercial activities, accommodation activities and in some cases residences.

Automatic sliding doors and more: discover our personalized offers

Quiko offers a very wide range of solutions to help you find the most suitable system for your specific needs. Automations for handling single or double leaf sliding doors, but also motors for hinged doors, are part of the bouquet of options.

Quiko’s proposal allows you to automate doors of different weights and sizes, the motorization devices are safe and can boast various functions such as obstacle detection and panic systems.

Since our products are manufactured directly by Quiko, customers have the possibility to take advantage of customized solutions that can meet their own specific needs. Each customer can in fact take advantage of a personalized support: the same operator will be assigned who can follow each phase of the service, in order to always provide effective and fast technical assistance.

Auto doors: the safety of innovation

Quiko’s goal is to offer innovative products that are always the best possible for customers. The offer of devices that are always safe, reliable and durable, is possible thanks to constantly updated working methods, from design to manufacture. The materials are always of top choice and the design is made to offer a harmonious blend with the environment.

Each stage of production follows high levels of quality, as well as the selection of parts and accessories, are always of top choice, with a careful look at solidity, regardless of expenses. Quiko door automations are created by qualified and constantly up-to-date technicians, so as to always offer the best of the latest technologies and always make life easier.

Discover our offers: WINNY LIGHT and SWINGY are our lines, contact us to ask for more information.