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Swing gate automation

QUIKO swing gate operators are designed for both residential and intensive use.

The wide range of automations for swing gates includes linear actuators, articulated arm gearmotors and underground gearmotors. In addition, QUIKO linear actuators are available in both electromechanical and hydraulic versions.

The QUIKO swing gate automation includes a handy manual unlocking system to move the gate manually in case of power failure; In low voltage versions the problem of power failure can be solved via the backup battery system available optionally. Each QUIKO swing gate motor is available both in the “motor only” version and in the “swing gate automation kit” ready to install.

Depending on the weight and length of the gate you want to automate, consult our catalog and choose from the series of automations for swing gates EON, NEO, ROTELLO, HYDRO, SPIDER, SCARABEO and SUB the automatic swing gate motor that meets your needs.

Swing gate automation

Swing gate kit: the comfort of automation

An automation for swing gates helps to improve life, offering excellent security, reducing efforts and unnecessary waste of time. This type of gate has one or two doors that rotate on a pin placed in the center. The internal and external opening and closing take place in this way and can be the solution for you if you are looking for a safe and reliable system for different types of spaces.

The swing gate automation kit allows you to remotely control the opening and closing and can be functionally adapted both for companies and workplaces, and for homes, for which it can be an elegant choice.

Swing gate automation kit: the right solution for everyone

Quiko offers a very wide choice of solutions that allows you to open the swing gate with different systems, whether with articulated arm gear motor or with underground gearmotors, which can be assisted by both electromechanical and hydraulic linear actuators.

The proposal includes automation for swing gates suitable for business, civil and industrial use and are adaptable to the most specific needs. The range of solutions is wide and is created directly by us and for this reason it allows us to offer the proper solution to meet every request.

We provide personalized support that will help you in choosing the best solution, thanks to the possibility of being able to always be guided by the same reference figure, with efficient and fast technical assistance.

Swing gate automation: the reliability of Quiko

Quiko’s opening and closing systems are of the highest quality and always are in pursuit of innovation to always offer maximum reliability. By choosing our products you can always count on resistant products with undisputed safety, both in terms of production methods and design.

Parts and accessories used are in fact of guaranteed quality, and the materials are chosen preferring the solidity factor, compared to that of savings.  Quiko’s swing gate automations are developed by highly qualified technicians, constantly updated, to find increasingly innovative solutions to allow safe and intuitive use. Each stage of production must follow high standards, so as to always offer the best of the best for the end-customer.

Swing gate automation: prices and offers

Discover our series for automation of swing gates: choose between EON, NEO, ROTELLO, HYDRO, SPIDER, SCARABEO and SUB. Ask for our support to discover our offers.