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Quiko is a leading gear motors manufacturer starting from a philosophy which is both simple and revolutionary: if product design and invention are at maximum levels, all product components used must also be at the same level for the final product to be the best on the market from design to manufacturing.

Company products have no parts or accessories manufactured with low quality materials, each detail is created without savings on raw material costs or the time needed to attain excellence.

Even the personnel manufacturing every single component of Quiko automation mechanisms are fully qualified technicians, constantly trained on market needs and on the latest techniques of design and production of components up to final assembly.


    Quiko creates a range of automation products mechanism designed for a wide range of needs, transforming their accessories and movements into authentic objects of furnishing and design with which it is pleasant to live: Further to total and guaranteed reliability and to design at maximum levels, particular attention is dedicated to the design of each piece produced.

    Elegant and minimalist lines, care for colour and details, attention when placing the product in residential and functional contexts transforms each Quiko product into an irreplaceable companion for living and activity purposes.


    Careful for the comfort of its consumers, QUIKO offers a technical assistance service through a network of highly specialized technicians ready to intervene if problems should arise and to resolve all situations which may come about.

    Quiko technicians are consultants at 360 degrees regarding the analysis and management of customer needs, able to suggest the most suitable installation based on the specific requirements and use of the automation mechanism: from country villas to industries, from industrial doors automation to parking controls the Quiko technicians know how to suggest and design the ideal solution to transform problems into serenity.


    The final result of extreme attention to all manufacturing details gives life to a wide and articulated product range, studied to meet all the needs a consumer can ask for and above all made for long life.

    In fact all Quiko automation mechanisms undergo rigorous quality tests in the most severe atmospheric conditions to be certified by the company for durability, stability and reliability and hence offered to users as a serene certainty that the product will have a long life.


    Automating the home and resolving all problems through simple practical movements is everyone’s dream: today it is no longer a dream, thanks to a product range designed by Quiko to efficiently and reliably resolve the problems of everyday life.

    Gates, doors, tilting doors, windows and roller shutters, automatic movement mechanisms: everything is under control using Quiko systems, which simplify life and create an atmosphere of refined comfort around the consumer.


    Certain about the extreme quality of its products, Quiko guarantees the whole home automation product line for 48 months on mechanics and for 24 months on electronics.

    The technical assistance service is always careful about customers needs and will make the customer’s visit to the Quiko world a great pleasure.


    Thanks to the full agenda of events and technical training courses, Quiko constantly updates its customers concerning the latest technologies regarding automation and safety regulations.

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