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Different types of sliding gates for various needs

Different types of sliding gates for various needs

Automatic sliding gate operators are the systems that are most commonly used for commercial gate automation purposes. As this sliding gates, motor is an excellent choice for residential driveway gate automation. A sliding gate kit can be used as an automatic gate opener for different places, or on construction sites according to site restrictions. There are many types of sliding gate operators that can be used to protect houses & various places from unwanted incoming & outgoing.

VELOS sliding gate operators

VELOS sliding gate operators are of small dimension but with big power. This VELOS operator allows more versatility of installation for the narrow spaces. The key factor about the VELOS gate operators is that they are specially designed for residential gates. In this gate operator, sturdy materials like die-cast aluminium, steel and bronze make the sliding gate operator very resistant and durable, as the material used VELOS sliding gate motors are from the best quality standards made in Italy. As a matter of fact, VELOS sliding gate operators clean the rail automatically, so that the gate can work smoothly and the gate doesn’t have to struggle with obstruction.


MOOVY series sliding gate openers

The MOOVY series sliding gate operators are user-friendly to install and are a perfect pick to automate any types of the sliding gate. As this operator has a wide range of models in sliding gate kits, it is easy for the customers to choose the most appropriate automatic sliding gate opener depending on how much the gate weighs. One more benefit of using these MOOVY series as an automatic system for sliding gates is that it can handle large size sliding gates, which means they are also suitable for heavy-duty applications in the industrial field. Hence, thanks to its powerful motor, this sliding gate kit can handle automatic sliding gates


ERCOLE – Industrial sliding gate system

ERCOLE series sliding gate opener is the perfect choice for installation of automating heavy duty industrial gates. The frontal manual of the lever allows the user to manually control the sliding gate, which is beneficial in cases of emergency like electrical blackouts. The electro-mechanical sliding gate operators are guaranteed for longer usage, all thanks to the sturdy metals present in the operators like aluminium for gearbox housing and zinc-plated iron for sliding gate opener’s body. ERCOLE series sliding gate executes every task safely, and the crash prevention of openers is guaranteed by the mechanical clutch present in the industrial sliding gate motor.

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TITANO industrial sliding gate operators

The automatic sliding gate offers a powerful TITANO series of heavy-duty sliding gate operators. TITANO heavy-duty industrial sliding gate opener has a manual unlocking system which allows the gate to open even if an electrical power blackouts situation occurs. The powerful three-phase self-ventilated Gearmotor is present in the sliding gate control board for intensive use. Industrial sliding gate openers also have an advantage, which is the easy access of the control board department. TITANO sliding gate openers are specially built out of highly resistant substances and are suitably designed for the automation of heavy sliding gates up to 6000 Kg. As a result, TITANO series is one of the most suitable choices, when preferring a heavy-duty sliding gate opener.


ZEBRA sliding gate openers

ZEBRA sliding gate openers have a small dimension, but big power capacity. ZEBRA series of the electric sliding gate is specially designed for residential gates weighing from 300kg to 600kg. The high-quality materials such as die-cast aluminium, steel and bronze make this operator very resistant and durable. In case of power failure, the sliding gate motor allows the system to unlock the Gearmotor by means of the apposite key. More to that, this motor for sliding gates can be operated without electricity as there is an optional backup battery unit.

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All above are the various types of operative motors used in sliding gates that are suitable for different purposes.

Different Types Of Sliding Gates For Various Needs