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How does an industrial sliding gate opener work?

How does an industrial sliding gate opener work?

When you are installing a new gate or just about to do so, you will need to buy an industrial gate opener. In most cases, you will also need a good-quality electric gate closer. Here you will learn more about the differences between electric and manual gate closers and which one is better for your needs.

Specifications of an Industrial Sliding Gate Opener

The main difference between electric and manual gate openers is that an electric gate opener is a cordless device and therefore does not need to have an extension cord that plugs into a wall socket. Most Quikoitaly products reach their maximum potential with the TITANO range of heavy-duty electric sliding gate motors (belt driven). This heavy-duty motor has been specially designed for the automatic automation of heavy sliding gates (up to a weight of 3000,4000 Kg) and is made from highly durable materials. The control board is just one of the many highly efficient touch screen technologies that make it possible to operate this equipment quickly and easily. The other benefits include:

Types of Industrial Sliding Gate Opener

Electronic Slide Gates

Most commercial rolling gate openers that are available on the market today have a motor that is either electronic or pneumatic. Electronic slide gates can sense an approaching vehicle and activate the gate to close. There is usually a limit of speed when such gates activate and once this limit is passed, the gate will automatically close. However, there are some commercial rolling gates that have a safety switch that allows the gate to automatically close if there is any obstruction such as a person, animal, or object.

Pneumatic Gate Closer Systems

Pneumatic gate closer systems are generally battery powered. The gate closer uses a small pump driven by a normal household current to move the heavy-duty belt from the electric motor to the gate to close it. This type of system is usually portable and most have a range of about thirty to forty feet between the gate and the wall. This is because some of the power that the battery gives out is actually wasted on the movement of the belt and so the more the gate is closed, the weaker the vibrations on the belt become.

How to Choose Industrial Sliding Gate Opener?

It is important for you to choose a commercial rolling gate operator that is adequately trained to safely operate this equipment. This means that they have completed an appropriate training course, and are familiar and knowledgeable about the various aspects of the gate opener and its operation. This information is provided on the manufacturer’s documentation that comes with the product and is often covered by a warranty that accompanies the product. If you are in doubt, it would be sensible to ask to see these documents for yourself. Obviously, you can not expect a manufacturer to supply documentation that has not been produced.

In Conclusion

If you need a commercial rolling gate opener with a maximum power output that cannot be achieved through a manual operation, you will need to use a series heavy-duty electric motor. This is commonly used to provide the greatest amount of horsepower possible. However, there are several types of motors available and so it is important for you to identify which one is best for your purposes.

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