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Roller Shutter Motors

QUIKO’s automations for roller shutters have been designed for both residential and intensive use.

The wide range includes both the single-motor and the dual-motor geared motors for shutters. Both versions are available with and without electrobrake.

Depending on the weight and length of the roller shutter you want to automate, visit our catalog and choose from the various automation for shutters models that best meets your needs.

Each automation for QUIKO shutters has been designed using top choice materials so as to ensure intensive and long-lasting use. Our shutter gear motor will work silently so that it becomes part and parcel with the door and makes the user forget about its presence.

Roller Shutter Motors

Shutter automation kit: comfort and practicality

Today, more and more people rely on automated shutters, both for residential and industrial use. This system simplifies life: in addition to an obvious improvement in the functionality of the mechanism, it also benefits durability, thanks to a more practical use and less hassle. Just like normal shutters, motorized shutters open and close thanks to a winding roller activated in this case by an electric motor controlled by a push-button or a remote control.

The shutter automation kit aims to completely eliminate unnecessary efforts for lifting and lowering the shutter: the system is safe and very solid; it is less exhausting and this increases the durability of the shutter itself. At the same time it is a system within everyone’s reach, even for the elderly and the disabled.

The automations for shutters can be used in several contexts, from garages and car garages, to shops, up to industrial scopes.

Automated Shutter kit: tailor-made solutions

Quiko’s proposal is very wide and allows you to always find a solution that suits your specific needs. It starts from the single-motor geared motor, while if necessary it is possible to take advantage of the dual motor model. You can then choose whether you prefer a version with electrobrake or without.

The motorization of a shutter is possible for any weight or size, and since our proposal consists of our own manufacture and conception we have the ability to respond to every specific need. In fact, we offer a personalized service, with the possibility of being able to take advantage of an operator who will follow the customer at every stage, in order to always provide effective and immediate technical assistance.

Automatic window shutters: quality comes first

Quiko’s philosophy is to offer the best of the best in innovation in the sector, so as to always offer the best for customers. The devices are designed to offer maximum safety and reliability and to allow savings in the long-term of the devices and the shutters themselves. The working methodologies are always the most up-to-date, so as to always offer a competitive product. From design to manufacture, each phase follows the highest standards, and the design of our products is conceived to ideally adapt to any environment.

The materials used are also of excellent quality, preferring solidity over savings for components and accessories. Quiko automation kits for shutters are created by qualified and up-to-date technicians, both in terms of the development of new technologies and production methods, which allows us to offer increasingly efficient devices.

Choose Quiko for your shutter automations: discover our offers.