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Garage Door Automation

Thanks to the experience gained over the years on automation systems, QUIKO presents the new range of geared motors for tilt doors.

The automations for tilt doors of the BOXTER series allow you to automate overflowing and non-overflowing up and over doors in complete simplicity and safety. The buffer battery system available as an option for the gear motor for low-voltage up and over doors, allows the automated up and over doors to operate even in the absence of electricity. In addition, just in case, the gear motor can be unlocked to move the up and over door manually.

QUIKO’s automation for garage doors have been designed to become part of the door and work silently, so much so that the user forgets about their presence. All the components used for the construction of QUIKO gearmotors for tilt doors are of top choice and ensure intensive and long-lasting use.

Garage Door Automation

Garage door automation up and over kit: the best for you

Garage doors should have precise characteristics that would allow you to always count on maximum security, in addition to usability dictated by the characteristics of the installation environment. For this reason the best solution is that of up and over doors, in which a roller shutter is brought to the ceiling in a system of counterweights and springs.

An automated garage door makes this process mechanical, allowing the lifting and rotation of the tilting door that slides through the ceiling guide thanks to one or more motors, operated remotely with the help of a remote control.

It is an ideal choice both for residential garages and car garages, as well as for industrial environments. The system is in fact ideal with regard to the convenience of use and making the best use of space.

Tilt door automation: customized solutions

Quiko’s range of up and over door automation is so wide that it allows you to find the most suitable solution for every need. Depending on the space available, you may need an overflowing door or a non-overflowing one: our geared motors will adapt perfectly to both choices.

Quiko devices are developed for garage doors and garages of different sizes and since these are our own design and manufacture, it is possible to satisfy even the most specific needs of our customers: thanks to our personalized support, entrusting our end-user always to the same reference figure, in order to always provide the utmost attention, with reliable and fast technical assistance.

Automation garage: the reliability of our technologies

The basis of the Quiko philosophy is the desire to always offer the customer the best of innovation, as well as resistant, safe and reliable products. The working methods are based on these concepts, starting from design to production systems, in every area, from the quality of manufacture to design.

In fact, the production follows high standards, its parts and accessories are of the highest quality, with great attention to solidity. Each of our garage automations is designed to be safe, with anti-crushing systems and, above all, the possibility of opening the up and over doors even in case of lack of electricity.

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