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Efficient sliding gate technology delivering convenience and reliability

Efficient sliding gate technology delivering convenience and reliability

Automatic gate opener systems provide efficient and convenient access to your home, office or industrial facility. They also serve to add a layer of protection to the home or facility.

Design and Operating Principle of Sliding Gate

The sliding gate opener system is a combination of a mechanical system and an electrical system, whereby the mechanical system moves the gate and electrical system provides and controls the energy for this movement. No human energy is used to push or pull the gate. The gate operating system serves as the actuator section of the gate and provides the motion to open and close the gate. An auto gate motor is applied to provide the required kinetic energy.

Sliding Gate Motor Technology

The sliding gate motor is specially designed to open and close sliding and swing gates. The auto gate motors have programmable logic controls installed in the circuitry that entirely controls the opening and closing action of the motor. The Automatic gate motors may be entirely controlled through a remote control or may be manually activated through relay switch.


Components Involved in Sliding Gate Installation

Gear Box: this is a reduction drive mechanism used to shift the rotational speed. The gear box serves as a reduction drive where the rotational speed of the sliding gate electrical motor is reduced for increased torque to be achieved is increased. The sliding gate operator utilizes worm gearboxes technology that delivers high torque, smooth running and long lasting operation.

Sliding Gate Installation

The sliding gate opener consists of several features and these include;
The installation kit, this may include strong shaft and corresponding sprocket, cast metallic floor plate, push buttons, power supply and PLC controls. There may also be a customization features for directional change, speed alterations and pedestrian programmable features. Safety features also need to be included such as the emergency release switch; automatic power shut procedures and sensors that can stop a moving gate in case of obstruction and accidents. Manual release levers are also important in case of power failures and electrical faults.

Factors to Consider When Installing Sliding Gate Opener

  • Select the Right Model : there are multiple models of gate openers available, both on the retail stores and automatic sliding gate opener suppliers online. Price considerations are just one among many considerations that should be done.
  • Type of Gate: is it a swing or slide gate?  In the case of sliding gate, a chain system located at the bottom of the gate is installed. A sliding gate opener operator is then installed to assist in opening and closing the gate.
  • Length of Gate: Applies to the sliding gate where the length of gate is important in determining the length of the chain, power requirements and attachments required.
  • Weight of Gate: a suitable electric sliding automatic gate opener is needed that can handle the weight of the gate.  If not, the opener will either break or never function at all. It is therefore critical to have a qualified installer available and pay keen attention to information provided by the automatic gate suppliers concerning the load requirements.