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Sliding gates kits

Select your QUIKO sliding gate kit and automate virtually every type of sliding gate.

Choose your automatic sliding gate among the VELOS, MOOVY, ERCOLE and TITANO series, studied for both residential and intensive use.

The range of automations for sliding gates is very wide and includes gearmotors with or without mechanical clutch and gearmotors in 230V or low voltage. Each QUIKO low-voltage sliding gate opener can be operated on batteries using the appropriate option, to overcome the problem of the lack of electricity. The powerful 400V three-phase gearmotor mounted in the TITANO series motors makes them suitable for intensive use in the industrial field.

The QUIKO automatic sliding gates in the ‘ready-to-install kit’ version contain all the components to carry out a complete and compliant installation, for the peace of mind of the installer.

QUIKO sliding gate mechanism have been tested in all weather conditions and ensure long-lasting operation without any special maintenance.

Sliding gates kits

Sliding gates systems: simple and fast

Just like automation for swing gates, there are also motors for sliding gates which provide you with the possibility to make some actions easier and faster.  The frame is the moving part that is slid on a rail to allow the opening of the passage. The door in turn slides towards the wall making this system of opening and closing ideal even for spaces that are not excessively large, and at the same time reduces noise to a minimum. Sliding gates are a suitable solution both for residences and for commercial or business areas.

The motor for a sliding gate therefore has the use of making the door slip system automatic, activated remotely with the help of a remote control.

Sliding gate motor: a solution for each and every one of us

The wide range of solutions allows you to find the right sliding gate motor for every need: for example, you can choose between gearmotors with or without mechanical clutch and gearmotors in 230V or low voltage. The latter are designed to work even in the absence of current and electricity, with the use of batteries.

The possibility of finding higher voltage products, allow us to offer a reliable product also for business and industrial use. Companies can in fact count on TITANO which, with its 400 V, can offer continuous and lasting performance.

Since the systems are also designed and built directly by Quiko, it is possible to provide our customers with a customized solution, so as to satisfy every need. In fact, we provide personal support to allow each of our users to always be able to take advantage of the best, thanks to efficient and fast technical assistance, always followed by the same reference figure.

Motor for sliding gate: innovation at the forefront

Innovation and reliability are the foundation of our offers. Quiko’s philosophy is focused on offering its customers products that are always resistant and safe to use: for this reason, the working methods, from design to production, always look ahead. And this applies to every area, from the quality of the materials to the design.

To offer the best to the customer, each stage of production follows high standards all the while parts and accessories are of excellent quality, paying maximum attention to solidity, without any attempt to save on money. The automatisms for Quiko’s sliding gates are designed by qualified and constantly up-to-date technicians, in order to offer increasingly safe solutions and improve the simplicity of use.

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