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Automatic Barriers and Rising Bollards

Designed to automate and protect: this is the motto that QUIKO has used to create the new ICARUS, PARKY and CENTURION product lines. Each of them has a specific function in the management and automation of car parks and urban areas.

ICARUS is a complete range of automatic barriers, including fast and intensive-use barriers. The buffer battery system, available for low-voltage automatic road barriers, allows the automation to operate even in the absence of electricity. Although ICARUS also performs a protective function, the real security barrier to protect buildings against terrorist attacks or unwanted visitors is represented by CENTURION, the latest series of parking bollards branded QUIKO.

Retractable parking bollards therefore represent a real barrier of protection. Each of our parking bollards has been designed to withstand high impact forces as well as the elements in all weather conditions.

Last but not least, we have PARKY KIT, the complete and professional range of automations for parking: items such as automatic cash machine, ticket machines for issuing the incoming ticket and ticket machines for issuing the ticket at the exit are only some of the hundreds of solutions that QUIKO offers for the creation of automations for ad hoc parking lots.

Automatic Barriers and Rising Bollards

Automatic barriers: a practical system

For workplaces, commercial areas, but also for very large residential areas, such as condominiums, electric barriers for traffic and parking management are fundamental. It is a simple and hassle-free system: it is functional and above all allows an intuitive and safe management of the traffic flow; it is a simple mechanism which adapts easily to different types of environments. Automatic road barriers are made with a fixed structure inserted into the ground to which a mobile rod is attached.

The latter is operated by a remote control which can be of various types: a switch, a remote control or other systems such as parking kits. The barrier then has a closure time established beforehand depending on the needs, in a way to improve traffic management and reduce idle times.

This mechanism is widely used for certain specific contexts in which the management of the transition of vehicles is fundamental, given the high intensity of circulation such as in hospitalsshopping centres and large car parks.

Automatic road barriers: personalised solutions

Quiko offers a wide choice of solutions suitable for any type of specific need: there are different models of automatic barriers and bollards in the offer, starting from the classic system with a metal bar. This is a type of electromechanical barrier which is easy to install and is available in 4 versions with different voltages and in various sizes.

Another solution is that of retractable parking bollards that must be installed directly in the ground, but are ideal for sensitive sites such as villas or shopping centers or for traffic control in urban areas. It is an aesthetically nicer solution and they are available in different kinds, precisely to allow the withstanding of different weights or more or less intense traffic flows. Also with regard to the control system, and the opening and closing systems, the variety is wide, enriched by the presence of the kit for parking management, with technology for issuing tickets.

The proposal is personalized and can be tailor-made thanks to an assistance service, which will entrust one of our operators to each customer to follow and direct him at every stage and always allow fast and efficient technical assistance.

Gate barrier and much more: the quality of our products

The philosophy followed by Quiko is aimed at offering innovative products to customers. Safety and reliability are guaranteed thanks to devices that are always up to date to different and current issues.

Visit the Quiko website and choose between different solutions: ICARUS, CENTURION and PARKY KIT to help you better manage traffic flows.