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Upgrading security systems using electric slide gate openers

Upgrading security systems using electric slide gate openers

Industrial campuses need to be secure enough to guard the property, raw material, and end products. A huge campus cannot be managed by human hand it needs aided security with the help of technology. Automatic barricade systems are the most sought after help in such cases. It not only facilitates the easy entry and exits but also enables overall surveillance of the guarded premise. Increasing the threat of theft, attacks and other damages make it a desirable option to install these systems.

Electric Sliding gate

Electric sliding gate openers are the advanced versions of the old and traditional sliding gates. Easy availability and accessibility of the automatic sliding gate make it a suitable choice. It also gives the advantage of operating the door from a distance through remote control. Electric slide gate openers are sturdy and robust structures designed from metal which can be proved to be a heavy duty security system that can be integrated with solar technology if needed. There are several mobile apps which can be linked to the opening or closing of the gates if the person is not comfortable with remote controls.

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How does this gate work?

A slide gate opener which opens and closes after receiving a signal created by remote control and a sensor is fitted in the driveway. The slide gate kits comprise an operator which is connected to the gate opening arm that helps the gate to rotate in both directions. The control box is behind this system and is mounted behind the hinges of the gate. This control box receives the signals I.e. radio signals and guides the operator to function properly. There is a battery required in sliding gate installation, which requires continuous charging as the energy is being withdrawn and consumed by the control box.

Heavy duty sliding gate motors are the backbone of any electric sliding gates. There are two different types of motors that can be used for electric sliding gates and they can be either a hydraulic one or an electromechanical one.

The safety of these gates has been verified by the European Union as these gates have fulfilled series of the norms designed by the European Normalisation. All entry gates manufactured have to meet these requirements as it can prove out to be a potential hazard for untrained users or operators. Therefore the companies pay great attention to meet these criteria up to the highest European or American standards. These safety gates were first used in 1887 in Baltimore and by the end of the 19th century, these safety gates were used in race courses and have been in common practice since then.

The Bottom Line

Quiko Italy, a company that manufactures mass level automation systems for gates and doors along with automation systems for other purposes. An Italian company having a worldwide presence across America, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Australia, etc. has delivered reliable barrier entry systems for personal and professional utility.