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Tubular Motors for roller Shutters and Awnings

Whether you would like to automate a roller shutter, an awning or a shutter in your home, QUIKO offers you the solution.

Visit our online catalog and discover PUMA (automation for roller shutters and automation for awnings) and TWINGO (motors for shutters).

PUMA is the motor gearbox for roller shutters and awnings by QUIKO. Tubular gearmotors have been designed to automate any type of roller shutter or awnings. PUMA roller shutter motors include easy adjustment limit switches, so as to speed up the work of the installer.

QUIKO’s awnings and roller shutter automation have been designed to work completely silently. Some specific models include the manual safety maneuver to move the roller shutter/awning by yourself manually in case of lack of electricity.

TWINGO, on the other hand, is QUIKO’s new line of shutter motors. With TWINGO, it will be possible to automate even large swing shutters or small swing garage doors.

Tubular Motors for roller Shutters and Awnings

Automation roller shutter: a system to simplify life

In recent years, the use of motorized shutters for both residential and work environments has become increasingly frequent: they help to simplify life, improving the functionality and solidity of the instrument that can have a longer life thanks to a less forced and more functional use. The electric shutters use the same system as normal roller shutters, with a tubular rod that plays into play, with the difference that the rotation isactivated thanks to an electric motor operated through a switch or a remote control.

The automations for roller shutters make it possible to reduce the effort for lifting and lowering the shutter, which can enjoy greater solidity and safety, as well as longer durability, linked to a much less exhausting fruition. In addition, this system can be used without any issue even by the elderly and the disabled. Also from an aesthetic point of view, the elimination of the belt gives a nicer look to the environment and a larger sense of space.

The motors for roller shutters can be used in all kinds of environments, ranging from homes to workplaces.

Electric Awning: best for outdoor use

If you have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful outdoor space, why not make the most of it even on days when the sun shines the most? The devices produced by Quiko are also applicable to awnings that have a similar operation: the curtain is in fact moved thanks to a roller system, only in the case of electric awnings it is an electric motor that allows the unwinding and winding instead of a winch.

The management of motorized awning takes place through a remote control which greatly reduces the hassle related to the closing and opening of the curtains. Automated awnings are a system that simplifies the life of residential outdoor environments, but also of commercial and reception premises.

Roller Shutters and Awnings automation

Quiko’s corporate philosophy gives the possibility to always offer a customized solution that varies according to the most specific needs. The goal is to always provide a reliable and durable product that can improve people’s lives. Thanks to a personalized support which allows each individual user to entrust a single reference figure, we offer a product designed on precise needs.

The products on sale are of the highest quality, both in terms of the materials used and in terms of design: the production processes always look to the future, starting from development to manufacture.

Visit our website and choose among different solutions: TWINGO and PUMA will make your life easier, ask for more information.