Linear swing gate operator vs hydraulic swing gate operators

 linear swing gate operator


Swing gate openers are ideal for opening and closing the swing gates. Swing gate operators are available in many configurations to suit your personal needs. While choosing the gate operator for your gates, some factors to be considered include the weight of gate or door, location, whether you need a remote control, card access. The modern fitting can choose alternative power sources also like battery packs or solar energy. Another important factor includes the security of the device.

Articulate arm swing gate operator

This operator is a far more efficient way of opening the gate than linear actuators. Generally, they can open the gate at a faster rate than linear actuators. They can easily handle much bigger and larger leaf gates with state-of-the-art duty cycle. Additionally, they do not plant any extra weight on gate brackets and hinges than the gate's weight.

Linear Actuator

It is one of the cheapest swing gate operator available in the market. They look generally neater than articulate arm operator. They require very little side room to unlock the gate as compared to others. The actuator can self-lock and can be opened easily in case of power cut by the means of the unlocking key provided along with installment. This inground swing gate opener provides a clean line to operate for the gate. The linear operator has a temperate design including a manually operated release system for emergencies. The linear gate swinger can be easily installed st the site even by the owner by simply following the installation manual. These types of advance gate produce a large force so you should always take appropriate precautionary measures.

linear swing gate operator

Underground swing gate operator

They are the ultimate choice when space is the primary concern and nothing is visible at the front or back of the gate. These underground swing gate motors can be installed inground, safely out of sight for virtually invisible in their galvanized containers with drainage holes to deal with moisture. The inground swing gate operator is greased with permanent lubricators to eliminate any future maintenance. Along with maintenance, the operator is easy to install and in operation result. This results in ease of operation from in and out of the gate. The only disadvantage with these types of the gate are expensive and get corroded due to being underground.  

Hydraulic swing gate operators

Hydraulic swing gate operators are self-contained systems, comprising hydraulic locks and standard valve assemblies. Due to this feature, they are capable of adjusting pressure to bear heavy gates. The hydraulic locks keep the gate in place when shut. The valve assembly is specially designed to prevent drifting of the gates when shutting or opening. The gate can be moved by 90 degrees using it. As the system is self-contained the contamination risk from external sources like dirt, fluids, etc are eliminated. The system can be detached by easily disconnecting it from the mainline cord. After complete installation, it doesn’t require manual assistance.


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