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Electric gate automation with motorised swing gate openers

Electric gate automation with motorised swing gate openers

An automated swing door installed in the driveway can add to your luxurious lifestyle. For convenience, when a vehicle or person approaches, it is opened automatically via electric means. They are easy and practical to use. As an advantage, you don’t need to get out of the car to open the gate manually. In case of emergencies too, they are relatively fast and work very well.

Manual Swing Gate Opener OR Automatic Swing Gate Opener?

Swing gate openers can be of two types: Automatic and Manual. The manual gates need to be opened by a person, whereas the other ones can be easily tackled while sitting from a short distance from the gates. In today’s era, the most opted gates come under the category of automated. These gates can be opened by remote control or sensors installed around the gate or under the ground. You can also use the keypad system, where a code is needed. After entering that code in the keypad installed at the gate, entry is allowed within the gate. Manual gates are useful where the opening is spacious and there is a considerable path between the main door and house door. Both the gates provide proper protection from trespassing.

Swing Gate Openers

What Does a Perfect Electric Gate Need to Work?

An automatic electric gate operator could be the perfect choice for your house if you are interested in home automation with sturdy gates. These gates tend to provide high security and are easily operated.Swing gate operatorshave a motor installed with them. This swing gate motor comes in various types. You have to choose according to your area and gate type. A motorised swing gate needs a power connection and needsa supply of electricity constantly to work. A Swing Gate motor can also be classified based on residential or commercial uses. When it comes to commercial uses the electric swing gates can be a boon due to the least manpower needed for the action.


A swing gate actuatoris a rod-like structured mechanical device that is attached to the gate and helps in its movement. And swing gate installation is done by professionals to ensure the proper attachment of the complete automatic door opener.

Swing gates can be automated with two types of operators – Ram operators or Underground operators. Ram operator is placed at the back of the door and a silver arm is visible. It is more used for commercial purposes. The underground operator comes with underground swing gate openers. These are fixed in the ground and attached to the gate at the lower hinge. These act as a push-pull medium while opening and closing of the gate and still maintain the gate end poles in one place.

The technology provided with these gates is advanced and durable for a longer period. Spare parts and other electronic parts can work well even in climate changes. Timely servicescan ensure the proper functioning of the gate without any restrictions.

The automatic gate openerscan give your place a stylish and classy look. With style and rich look, this gate brings safety to your house. By installing a webcam with the gate you can keep an eye on the activities around the house and monitor them and telecom can help you avoid the entrance of any unknown vehicle. With so many benefits, this technology is worth it and result in perfect electric gate automation.

Quiko offers the complete hardware parts for the automatic swing gates. We also offer a wide range of devices which may turn out to be the perfect choice for your gates.

Electric Gate Automation With Swing Gate Openers