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How to choose the best sliding gate opener

How to choose the best sliding gate opener

A sliding gate opener is a great way to make it more convenient to enter and exit the property without the need to physically open and close it. With the advanced hi-tech features, safety edge, and convenience they offer, these sliding gate openers have become a must whether for residential uses or commercial purposes. Automated gate openers for sliding gates usually use a chain located at the bottom of the gate. These are attached to an operator that pulls the chain to open and close the gate. Thus Sliding gate operators are specially designed motors to operate Sliding gates. They can be operated electrically, by switch, remote, or any other access control system.

Advantages of having an Automated Sliding gate opener-

  • Convenience- They close and open automatically and one does not have to be mindful while closing and locking the gate after entering. They can be of great benefit when the weather conditions are extreme. Sliding gate openers from renowned manufacturers are tested under all extreme weather conditions and thus suitable for installation in every country.
  • Security-These comes with automated locks, integrated safety beams, and features to boost security. They have the inclusion of equipment for sliding gate automation and are adequately lubricated to reduce any wear and tear between parts. These security features eliminate the risk of accidents and vehicles being stolen.
  • Less Space occupied along with durability- Landscaping and lesser problems of parking space contributes towards the benefit of using a sliding gate opener. Designing and manufacturing of these are done with the help of precision technology.

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Points to ponder while opting for a sliding gate opener

Choosing the appropriate sliding gate opener according to the needs and requirements becomes very crucial while investing in one. Here are a few tips to decide the best sliding gate opener-

  • Length of the sliding gate- The size of the gate is important to determine the type of sliding gate opener. If the size is big, one needs to ensure that the chain in it is longer and sustainable.
  • Plan to power the gate opener- Most automatic sliding gate openers come with or without a mechanical clutch and can be operated by AC power, battery backups, and even solar power. The battery backups will ensure that the gate opener stays powered constantly.
  • The heaviness of the gate-Choosing the right sliding gate opener could also depend on what material the gate is constructed out of. A wide range of models of automatic sliding gates is available depending on the weight of the gate which needs to be operated by electric motors for sliding gates. Industrial sliding gates could even be made of wrought iron which is a very heavy material.
  • Opening and closing frequency- If open and close usage is more frequent, one may require a heavy-duty sliding gate operator to avoid wear and tear and damage. Some of the sliding gate operators even require heavy release power but reduced dimensions due to constrained space. The powerful industrial slide gate motors are examples of powerful gate operators which are capable to move heavy gates with maximum reliability.
  • Motor required- The gate weight is the primary factor while determining the motor mode. One needs to take care that the motor capacity is powerful enough to move the gate also considering the power source available.

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Once the type of sliding gate opener is determined, it is also important to consider the kind of warranty that is available. Sliding gate openers from reputed manufacturers come with excellent warranties. They serve ready-to-go-install sliding gate kits with an easy installation process of the motorized gate. They ensure both product quality and service. They are highly customizable and can enhance the property’s exterior along with all its functional advantages.





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