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Fascination for sliding doors

Fascination for sliding doors

Technology and Modernisation have been capturing every aspect of life. Not only in easing our tasks, but also in making an extra mile for incorporating sophistication in life. A sliding gate opener is one such example. Doors are the key segment of a house or industry or any premise. It holds significance as it is meant to guard its surrounding. So doors should be robust enough to protect the property may it be residential or industrial.
Even in industrial premises, there is an increasing demand for an electric sliding gate opener.

Automatic Sliding Gate

An electric sliding gate is a better choice for industrial purposes. Sliding gate automation in gates improves the easy passage through gates and also monitors the incoming and outgoing transit through these gates. Some automatic gate slide openers are customized for further security by making it work under certain circumstances.

Unlike other products these safety entry systems also have options. The sliding gate opener kit come with remote access, power sources and other external interfaces. Generally, the sliding gate control board is selected depending on the motor specifications.

Sliding doors are the ones that come with wheels and open to the sides. Automatic sliding doors usually manoeuver a chain at the bottom of the gate and is attached to an operator that pulls the chain to open and close the gate.


How does the automatic sliding gate work?

Electric sliding doors work with the assistance of sensors. Sensors tend to trap motion, sound, weight, light or body heat, etc. Other types of sliding doors operate on optic motion sensors. The slide gate operator ensure safety at an advanced level. These optic sensors can be adjusted at the top or the sides of automatic doors. Upon sensing any nearby motion, these doors automatically open or close. This is the reason why these sliding gate motors are extensively used in airports, supermarkets, and corporate buildings. They make easy convenience through doors.

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The automatic sliding gate kits involve sensors, motor, tracks, and rollers, etc. The sensors fitted in the automatic sliding gates read infrared or microwaves. The optical or motion sensor is connected to an electrified main drive train that controls a clutch mechanism which is further wired to secondary drive and the door panels. An internal belt connects the electric slide gate and the secondary drive.

Various commercial sliding gate operators can be installed in multiple ways. The motorized gate openers can either be hung from head tracks or mounted on one side with rollers and tracks making a connection with the floor. Automatic sliding gate opener can even be mounted in metal panes which are further connected with rollers and tracks with floor and overhead ceilings.

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Advantages of Sliding Doors

Automatic doors for architectural purposes have been in trend since the 1950s. Automatic doors provide convenience to users and other benefits such as safety, security, hygiene, and energy saving. Hygiene is a special requirement for hospitals. Manually operated doors have a lot of bacteria and other microorganisms transferred from one person to another. So, in that case, automatic doors become important. There are various gate openers and motors for sale in the industry.

The bottom line

Quick Italy, a company that specializes itself in barrier systems for residential as well as industrial purposes have been quite a name in this segment. Its advanced technology has been demanded all over continents like Africa, America, Asia, Middle East countries etc.