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Coronavirus pandemic and the future of gate automation systems

Coronavirus pandemic and the future of gate automation systems

The Coronavirus pandemic has emerged as the biggest challenge the world has faced since the Second World War. The first case of the Coronavirus disease was registered in China in December 2019 and since then it has spread to almost all countries in the world. As of now there are more than 2 million Coronavirus cases worldwide and the number is increasing constantly.

Researchers and medical experts all around the world have been trying hard to develop vaccines to stop the spread of COVID-19, but it might take some time in getting success. The WHO and Government authorities have been spreading awareness of Coronavirus worldwide. Most of the countries have imposed lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19 and people have been asked to follow safety tips like social distancing, self isolation, wearing a face mask and frequent hand washing.

The Business Impact of COVID-19

Considering the severity of the situation, the Governments and authorities all around the world have taken strict measures like complete or partial lockdown to control the spread of Coronavirus disease. It has affected businesses and industries worldwide. Industries like aviation, travel & tourism, hotels & restaurants are amongst the most affected industries by the Coronavirus pandemic. However, some businesses are expected to witness a steady growth post-COVID-19 scenario due to various important factors.

How Automatic Doors Prevent the Spread of Infectious Disease like COVID-19

People use their hands to open and close the manual doors. In normal conditions, it might seem normal functioning, but it can be a medium to spread the infection in high traffic areas. Thanks to automatic doors such situations can be easily avoided. The automatic door operator uses various sensors to detect the movement of people and controls the opening and closing of the door automatically. Automatic door openers have become extremely important for hospitals and health care facilities as they provide complete safety in quarantine conditions. They not only offer advanced functionality, but also help in achieving better hygiene conditions.


The Demand of Gate Automation Systems Post Coronavirus Scenario

The Coronavirus disease has forced people to make changes in various aspects of their life. Safety and hygiene have become very important factors in day to day life and it is expected to grow the demand for products offering it one way or another. Gate automation systems, also known as an automatic system for gates, are primarily used for its functionality and convenience, but they also offer important features like safety and hygiene. Because of their unique functionality, they can be an effective way to avoid the infection of common cold and flu. Considering all these factors, the demand for gate automation is estimated to witness steady growth. After this pandemic is over, it is expected that most of the placed and buildings will opt for automatic doors for the benefit of society.