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Common problems with swing gate openers resolved

Common problems with swing gate openers resolved

The swing gate opener is a great innovation that allows easy access to your driveway and your home. The automatic gate offers a high level of security and privacy not normally offered by other systems. High tech devices are used for running the automatic swing  gates such as remote devices, geared motors, switching and locking mechanism and many more.
In the course of operation, certain operational faults may occur and interfere with the automatic swinging gate opener operation. These include:

Gate Will Not Open

This may happen once in a while and you experience the swing gate is not opening. There are various reasons for this and the first place to check should be the power source.  One should check whether the power is out, the electric mains in your home and also check for any faults in the circuit breakers. You may also need to ensure all switches connected to the electric swing gate opener are working and have been switched on. If after checking all these and still no operation, then the remote control could have a problem.


Remote Control

The easiest way to determine fault with remote control is when you operate the door manually and it works. You need to enter the  codes in the access panel as done on the remote. If the remote control is malfunctioning,  check batteries and you may also have a specialist to check the transmitter of the device.

Door Hits the Ground

This happens when the gate opens, it hits or scratches on the ground. This may occur in an upward sloping driveway or an uneven path for the door. It is important to do a driveway adjustment for the motorized swing gate to solve this kind of problem. The swing gate opener can be raised on a higher pole also to allow for more clearance on the bottom edge. If possible,you can also have the door to swing in the opposite direction

Sensor Operation Problems

This refers to the door safety sensors not functioning normally when the swinging gate is opening or closing. The dual swing gate opener has safety sensors that prompts the gate to immediately reverse when a vehicle is on top of the sensor,  so as not to harm or damage the vehicle or person. This is the same case for then sliding gate opener. It is always important to check and ensure the sensors are working as required.


When in a hurry and the gate won’t open up, this may be a complete nightmare. Before calling emergency service,  and paying heavily for the professionals, you may need to check for gate obstructions.
Modern automatic swing gates are well equipped with safety features that stop the gate from further motion when it encounters an obstruction. Nowadays the gates are fitted with IR lights similar to eyeballs that create an invisible trip wire mechanism located at the base of the gate. There could be an innocent obstruction on this invisible beam such as a fallen branch, a dog or toy left unintentionally. This will make the swing gate actuators not respond until the obstruction is removed.

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