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Auto rising bollards – a new concept in the safety industry

Auto rising bollards – a new concept in the safety industry

Auto Rising Bollards are one of the most flexible retractable bollards available in the market. It is used widely around the world for various purposes including street lights, parking meters, toll booths, street signs, and street furniture. These flexible components are known to offer quality and strength along with being able to be easily installed in varying building structures. This is because auto-rising bollards are made with different types of springs like steel core, aluminum, or rubber.

Where to Use Auto Rising Bollards?

One of the main uses of auto-rising bollards is to give extra security to vehicles. Most of the time people do not notice the extra protective measure that such fixtures may offer but it helps in saving lives due to the fact that they are installed at strategic places on the roadways. During the nighttime, auto-rising bollards are very useful as they help reduce the chances of bumping into an object coming from the opposite direction especially during rush hours. Apart from this, the extra protective features also help in preventing collision damage on both the sides of the road which results in the accident. So, these automatic bollards do their work effectively.

Salient Features of Auto Rising Bollards

All the Auto mounting bollards are made using high-quality materials which are known to give optimum resistance to corrosion and the elements. They are also highly resistant to any sort of impact.

CENTURION Series Of Automatic Rising Bollards Accessories

In terms of Auto mounting safety products, the Auto bollards have special safety features like the safety flange plate and the gas spring. The safety flange plate helps in securing the steel rim or the wooden board from being toppled over when there is an impact. This helps in preventing the traffic board or the pavement from being damaged due to a stampede. The safety flange plate is also helpful in avoiding any unfortunate incident where the falling board of the auto mounting safety bollard might hit the pavement. This is possible because the steel rim and the board are firmly attached to each other. The gas spring helps in automatically activating the Auto mounting safety bollard which helps in controlling the speed of the spring.

Requirement of Auto Rising Bollards

In terms of the designs of auto-mounting safety bollards, many have tried to imitate the natural pattern of the wood and stone used in the auto bollards. It has been found that there is no problem in installing the automatic bollards in case one uses the automatic mounting installation kit. However, if one installs manually then it is necessary to make sure that one has all the required tools and materials. Automounting bollards have been popularly used in residential areas and commercial areas.

The Bottom Line

There are certain points to be kept in mind while using the Auto mounting safety product. One should be very careful while mounting the item because heavy objects may cause damage to the item. One should also be careful while moving the Auto mounting safety pole from one location to another. The last precaution should be taken by the owner while using this product.