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Winny – sliding door automation systems for automated doors

Winny – sliding door automation systems for automated doors

The use of automatic sliding doors is becoming increasingly popular in many residential and commercial properties. They provide functional convenience and safety with ease of use. One option is the WINNY automatic door installation one of the easiest and fastest, and cost-effective alternative to manual sliding door systems. This system allows you to open and close the door without having to open or close the door yourself. The WINNY automatic sliding gate from Quiko uses a motor and encoder to control to operate the sliding door.

About WINNY Sliding Door Automation System

WINNY is a sliding door automation system from Quiko that features an electromechanical motor. Its slim design allows it to open and close the gate silently and is compatible with a variety of sliding gates. This sliding door automation kit offers a flexible range of options to suit a wide variety of applications and high-density locations. Sliding door automation is a versatile and affordable solution for automated doors.

The automation kit comes with a safety device that automatically shuts down power to the engine and the inverter. There is also a control light on the outside of the box to check and ensure that all is working well.

Various Benefits of Sliding Door Automation

A sliding door automation kit is a complete automatic door solution. Advanced Door Automation’s comprehensive range of products is unmatched in the industry. The drive system is slim and lightweight, and the header-to-jamb fastening is quick and secure. The result is a door with a beautiful sightline and a smooth hairline joint. You can even program the door to be completely automatic. This is a smart and convenient way to automate a sliding window.

Why Choose Winny Automated Sliding Door?

The Winny automated sliding door, gives convenience and accessibility to any home or business property with its complete automation that includes a control board, backup battery unit, electric lock, manual release system, digital selector/programmer, single-ray photocell, and floor rail. Activated by wireless push buttons or motion sensors, the system can open single- and multi-panel doors. It can be easily installed on a wooden or glass frame. With these systems, you can also add the convenience of automatic operation to your home or office.

Features of WINNY Sliding Door Automation System

This system offers a simple and effective sliding door operator and is the most popular choice for most installations. The WINNY system features a battery kit and can be controlled via an electronic board and comes with an anti-crush device. Further, WINNY kit’s manual operation option is available. It also has the advantage of allowing the door to be adjusted and operated in the desired position. It can be adjusted to open and close at a range of speeds and with different sensitivity. Moreover, the WINNY kit’s thermally separated profiles allow the door to operate effortlessly. This automated sliding door automation system comes with a battery kit for a convenient and hassle-free installation. Sliding doors are often used as an entry or exit to a business.

This system uses state-of-the-art microprocessor technology and advanced engineering. The weather-seal feature prevents the door from hitting objects while it is in the open position. Its safety sensors protect the door from slamming and collision.

In Conclusion

A multi-sensor system offers flexible programming options, including left- and right-handed configurations. The WINNY smart door opener is simple to set up and can be configured to open and close sliding windows or patio doors, as well as automate single-panel or multi-panel doors with a range of activation choices. Sliding door automation systems can be retrofitted on existing sliding doors and can also be easily added to an existing sliding door.