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Wide range of sliding gate operators

Electric Sliding Gate Operator

If you need more security and convenience for yourself or your business property, the electric sliding gate operator is just the thing for you. A gate closer is simply a gate that closes and opens by itself without requiring the use of a hinge or chain. This type of gate is commonly used in residential areas to prevent unauthorized access. If you would like to install an operator that requires a chain drive, it is recommended that you use a heavy-duty industrial motor for the sliding gate.

Sliding Gate Operator

What exactly are the differences between an electric sliding gate operator and a chain-driven one? The electric one operates with the help of a screw-threaded electric motor instead of using a chain. You can use the same motor to operate both types of gates. It is recommended that an electric motor for the sliding gate is placed close enough to the chain so that there would be a very small gap between them. The motor installed in such a scenario would not only give the power to open and close the gate but also transfer power to the gate’s control panel.

Heavy-Duty Automatic Sliding Gate Operator

Do you want to buy a gate automation system? Then it makes sense that you should buy the best one that provides you maximum protection and ensures maximum security. One such great piece of equipment is the heavy-duty automatic sliding gate opener. These types of gate operators are recommended for properties where the owner wants maximum protection against unwanted visitors and the most convenient way to open and close the gates is via remote control.

This kind of gate operator has a great capacity to work on a single track, which is why it is perfect for properties that do not have a second track available. The good thing about this motor sliding gate operator is that its capacity allows it to run even when there is a power blackout.

It has been designed with a maximum lift rate of twenty minutes and a maximum travel time of two hours. It is very easy to install and comes with an instruction manual that explains the process of operation, along with the specifications and features of the Sliding Gate Operators. All the operators come with a lifetime warranty – two years on the thermal-operated gate operators and three years on the non-thermal-operated ones.

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