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Tubular motor for rolling shutters

Tubular motor for rolling shutters

A tubular motor for rolling shutters is a popular item. The Tubular Motor for the rolling shutter is a very useful item that helps in giving protection to the building and also helps in easy maintenance of the same. As a user, you will not be able to understand the difference between the manual and electric types of rolling shutters.

Advantages of Rolling Shutters

There are various advantages associated with electric shutters.

First of all, the tubular motor for the rolling shutter is made up of steel tubes. Tubes of this material are generally available at standard sizes. The larger the size of the tubes the greater the motor size. Tubular motor is also known as windings or tubular generators.

The tubular motor for rolling shutter is mainly designed for outdoor applications and has a unique characteristic. It is designed in such a way that it can be folded or compressed in any manner without damaging its functioning. For such applications, the application must be portable. In other words, it should have a smaller weight and higher torque. In other words, the strength of such a motor is directly proportional to its weight. The heavier the weight, the greater the torque and vice versa.

The working of such a motor is completely dependent on two essential factors. Firstly, it requires a constant power supply. Secondly, it runs only on a smooth-running time. It can be started from a cold shutdown position and the limit switch must be kept pressed during its operation for a smooth-running time.

Features of Tubular Motors for Rolling Shutters

In order to achieve the best performance, and to ensure optimum reliability and durability, we utilize an exclusive high-quality range of stainless-steel tubular motors manufactured by the world’s top-rated and trusted name in electrical goods. This ensures maximum longevity, maximum reliability, and high performance. All our motor shafts are precision welded to provide a lifetime guarantee. All our products are tested rigorously to make sure they perform as per the highest possible standard.

High-quality components such as motor, trolley body, windings, bearings, and brushes are used during the manufacturing process of tubular motor for rolling shutter. The testing procedures are performed at all points of the product lifecycle to ensure that the product meets high-quality standards. All components are subjected to temperature ranges and pressures to test their ability to bear the impact of extreme weather conditions and adverse conditions. All the tests are carried out in a controlled environment to ensure the best quality.

All products are offered at factory-direct prices. All our products are complemented with an original manufacturer warranty. The tubular motor for rolling shutter is an example of quality engineering. The technology used is the result of years of research and development. It is well suited to various industries and applications including residential and commercial.

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