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The new & better technology for road safety : automatic bollards

Roads help people travel from one place to another safely via car, bus or any means of transport. The major things to keep in mind while traveling by roads are the safety concerns, which include maintaining the average speed of the vehicle and keeping track of road safety equipment like electric rising bollards & speed breakers. Automatic Bollards are the new & innovative traffic speed controllers placed at different sides of the road to control & slow down the over-speeding of vehicles. Well, there are multiple uses of an automatic bollard on roads. To know all about this road-safety equipment, the information mentioned below can be helpful.

The Advancement of Different Bollards Since Centuries

The bollard was first introduced centuries ago when the wooden bollards were used to manage the traffic of ships on ports & vehicles at the road crossing. The wooden bollard was the only type of bollard at that time, as steel-working machines like lathe were not introduced. After multiple improvements in technology, industries initiated the construction of the steel & iron bollard with more robust quality. These iron & steel bollards were much helpful for controlling the ships & people/vehicles on roads. And now, with more advancements, automatic rising bollards are used at different places, globally.

Mechanisms of Automatic/ Electro-Mechanical Bollards

The electro-mechanical bollards have a defined set of mechanisms. The automatic road bollard works based on an electro-hydraulic system. This hydraulic automated bollard systems allows the bollards to move up & down more smoothly, and it takes less time for bollards to rise from the ground when required. Another mechanism of the rising bollards is that a control panel is inbuilt in many bollards, which alerts the operator to take action in case of emergencies. And the movement of automatic bollards is operated with the help of a computer so that the operator has access to automatic security bollards & can control any kind of mishaps.

Need of Automatic Bollards At Different Places

The need for the new & innovative rising bollards at several places are increasing day by day, for example:

Automatic Bollards At Highway Tolls: The need for automatic rising bollards systems at the highway tolls is required, as it can be an effective & quick way of stopping vehicles for collecting toll tax. The rising bollards can also alert the driver to slow down the car, as they are visible from a specific distance due to their thick body-structure.

Hydraulic Retractable Bollards on Traffic Signals: Hydraulic retractable bollards are a new & innovative method of road safety that can be utilized at traffic signals. The major reason for using this hydraulic bollard at traffic signals is that sometimes people unintentionally break the traffic signal. In such situations, the hydraulic bollards can help alert them.

Automatic Rising Bollards in Parking Areas/Lots

Automatic rising bollards are a useful technology that can be utilized in parking lots, to create a dedicated space for every vehicle. Another advantage of using the automatic rising and electric security bollards in the parking areas is that it will guide the driver to park the car safely on the road.

Hence safety of the people on road is the most prior thing. Therefore road safety instruments like traffic signals, electric & automatic parking bollards & automatic rising bollards are necessary. And, with all the qualities, automatic bollards are one of the important technologies that can be utilized to keep the people & vehicles on road, safe & surround.


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