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Swing gate opener for every yard entry

The application of automated gate systems at various private, corporate, and industrial areas ensures utmost safety by stopping the illegal intrusion of any vehicle into the premise. The swing gate operator system opens the gate by swinging it inwards and keeping it open to allow traffic to pass by. It then closes the gate by swinging back into its original position. The swing gate opener is connected to a gate opening arm which forces the gate to swing in the proper direction.

Swing gate manufacturers of reputation produce a wide range of swing gate openers like linear arms gate operators, articulated arm automation, and underground systems. The linear arm version is available both in the electromechanical swing gate operator as well as in the hydraulic version.

Hydraulic Swing gate openers- These are designed for intensive use and their motor systems release much power to help in the automation of even the heaviest of swing gates.

Electromechanical Swing gate openers- The articulated swing gate operators can be designed for gates with large pillars lightweight structures.

Underground Swing gate openers-The underground type of swing gate openers are ideal for domestic as well as corporate or industrial use.

Gal Rotello 10

Benefits of Swing gate opener – An automatic swing gate opener can be a good deal of investment for many reasons like-

  • Security- These gates are also called ‘driveway security gates’. The swing gate opener can prevent unauthorized access from entering your driveway and people from walking into your yard. They can protect privacy while keeping the kerb appeal higher as well as giving the property a better valuation.
  • Ease of installation with the backup facility- The swing gate operators come as easy and ready to install swing gate kits or in the form of a single gear motor. They also have a manual release system to operate the gate manually in case of a power failure. A battery backup system can also be built as an option for low voltage operators.
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums- While assessment of an insurance premium for the premises, the insurer is well aware of the safety a swing gate can operate thereby reducing the cost of insurance for the property.
  • Wide range of choices- It all depends on the weight and the length of the gate one gets to choose from a variety of swing gate openers. Automatic gate kits provide a variety of tools like sensors, circuits, and remote controllers. The industrial swing gate operators can use ones with an articulated arm operator and one that is noiseless in operation. Slim motors can also be designed depending on the space and dimensional installation.
  • Sturdy in nature- One can get the material of the swing gate opener to be of wrought iron, steel, and so on and these provide an increased level of security. The appealing custom designing can also make them look tech-savvy. These are endurable and last a long time with the ability to perform in an environmental condition.

Gal Rotello 5

Swing gates have lesser moving parts than sliding gates and have less wear and tear. Manufacturers of swing gate openers provide a precision range of motorized, automatic remote-controlled swing gates in different compact designs, tolerances, and extremely easy on most architectural designs. Besides they also ensure-

  • They are designed with the right top and bottom picot mechanism
  • Gate Leafs are free from any kind of bending
  • The dustproof operating mechanism ensures a long-lasting life of swing gate openers
  • Simple and easy to operate with various designs to suit the client’s style


NEO Linear Swing Gate Operator

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