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Smart home: advantages and functions of home automation

Smart home: advantages and functions of home automation

Choosing a smart home: everything you need to know

The word domotics is now on everyone’s lips – the advantage of choosing a smart home is no longer new, but are we really sure that we know all the advantages that can be obtained from a smart home? A home automation system is a structural and functional system that allows different technologies and devices to be used by the user to switch on and manage the automation of home systems, even remotely, from automated sliding gate openers to automated swing gate openers to automatic barrier gates.

Thanks to remote control from pc, tablet or smartphone, it’s possible to automate many of the daily chores without risk of forgetting them and without the need to be physically present at home. It’s a choice that, according to international data, is becoming increasingly popular in people’s homes worldwide.

Most certainly, designing and building an automated home is an important investment while also being a greatly beneficial solution in many ways. Are you sure you know them all?

Smart home for energy and consumption saving

Saving is the first and greatest advantage that results from choosing home automation: cost saving but, first of all, consumption saving. A real advantage for your purse, but also an important show of respect for our surrounding environment – a reduced consumption allows smart homes to have a minimum environmental impact compared to a traditional home.

A smart home allows the energy stability of the electrical system to be obtained and maintained while finding a constant temperature that is fit for every room. The optimization of consumption combined with the possibility of remote management allows the waste of heat, electricity to be avoided and remarkably reduces the air emissions of your home.

Speaking about numbers, a domotics project has a smart control of the different sources of energy allowing for a saving from 20% to 30% in costs, in addition to optimizing the use of resources.

Smart home: 360° safety

Home automation, such as audio door entry systems, is a synonymous with safety. The smart home allows the system to directly interact with the specific alarms. Water leaks or floods, gas leaks, power shortages and electrical failures will no longer be a danger for you or your family. You may view all the alarm signals on your mobile device at the time of activation.


With a smart home, safety is also guaranteed by the connection to the anti-theft and CCTV system. Thanks to the automation of shutters and blinds, you make your home safer from attempted break-in and with the automation of sliding gate openers) and swing gate openers, you are sure that everything is always perfectly locked, when you come and when you go.

Choosing an automated home means ensuring that you and your loved ones are always safe, even when you’re not home. You can constantly keep your home under control easily from your smartphone, also when you’re at work, even you’re traveling.

Smart home and living comfort to enjoy the time you spend at home

Lifting the shutters and blinds, switching on the air conditioner or the heating system, programming the sprinkler system, managing appliance consumption, all easily from your smartphone or pc. What’s better than controlling your entire home without stress, lying on the couch, not having to get up and fetch controllers?

Opening the garage door finding home at the perfect temperature after a long and tiresome day at work, remotely programming how you want your home to be when you return.