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Rolling Shutter Motors – Convenient, Cost-Effective & Energy-Efficient

Rolling Shutter Motors – Convenient, Cost-Effective & Energy-Efficient

Rolling Shutter Motor is designed and produced by Quiko, a leading manufacturer of roll-up doors and shutters that are best in price and quality. This motor is manufactured as per the present market demand and practical experience. The roll-up door has an anti-falling function, which makes it very reliable. This product is also available in multiple versions, such as manual, wireless, and reversible.

Important Features of Rolling Shutter Motors

The motors are available in different sizes, depending on the purpose of use. For industrial or residential purposes, they are available in various options, such as spring balance and electronic brake systems. Quiko offers Rolling Shutter Motors with electronic braking and limit switch for secure operation. These shutters are easy to operate and provide excellent security resistance. They are also equipped with anti-lift links and can operate independently of the control system.

There are many kinds of Rolling Shutter Motors available in the market, including those with batteries, dc, single-phase, and three-phase models. If you need a roll-up shutter motor that is more powerful, you may need a heavy-duty one. Its size can vary in different weights for different gates.

Types of Rolling Shutter Motors

The motors are available in different types. The most common types of automation include side and top roller shutters. Some roll shutters are operated with a chain and are manually operated. Others have chains that operate automatically. Despite their names, these are often cheaper to install than other options. The motors themselves do not require any maintenance, so they do not need to be replaced regularly. You can install a side or top motor in your rollup window.

The most common types of Rolling Shutter Motors are side and rear-mounted. These are primarily used for industrial-sized rolling shutters. The slats in the side-mounted shutter cannot be opened or closed manually. Moreover, it is not possible to operate a side-mounted motor manually. Therefore, you should invest in a high-quality motor with strong anti-lift links. Quiko Rolling Shutter Motors are a good choice for the home decorator who wants to decorate his or her home.

The side motorized rolling shutters are the most common type of automation product. They are mainly used in heavy industrial and regular-sized rolling shutters. The side motors are like a self-locking system and can be operated manually. Generally, the side motors are operated by a single-phase AC current. The heavy types operate by three-phase AC. These electric roller shutter motors are less expensive than other kinds of automatic systems, but they require more electricity than other types.

Benefits Provided by Rolling Shutter Motors

In addition to being energy-efficient, these motors also save electricity. With the help of the remote, you can control your shutters from anywhere. The Quiko Rolling Shutter Motor features a self-locking system. Quiko’s design is a great alternative to traditional manual rolling shutters.

In addition to protecting the home from intruders, motorized rolling shutters also help save energy and money. They also have tough anti-lift links to protect the roller shutters and reduce noise. These motors are used in regular-size and heavy-industrial rolling shutters. They work like a self-locking system. These motors are easy to install, reliable, and require very little maintenance. These roller shutter motors are available in different designs, sizes, and colours. It is easy to find the right one for your needs. All you need to do is browse online and make your purchase.

The Bottom Line

QUIKO roller shutter motors are available for residential and industrial uses. Most of these motors have spring balances and electronic brake systems. There are also roll-up shutter motors with wireless remote control systems. OPERA motors are available for rolling-shutter automation. They are powered by AC tubular or external motors that can be controlled by a hand crank or clutch. They can be manually operated or can be automated.