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Rising bollards- convenient means of controlling public traffic

Rising bollards- convenient means of controlling public traffic

Rising Bollards are barricades that have a prescribed lift height and provide heavy-duty vehicle access, control, and protection. It is a short kind of post-installed to create an architectural parameter and a protective one too. They are perfect for guiding traffic and marking boundaries too. They are physical and visual barriers that help to direct vehicles. They also provide signage and complement traffic management strategies. In order to prevent any vehicle from driving past them, as per the standard laid out, the distance should be no more than 5″. Bollards are used as a storefront and building protection, security for the campus, safety for any sidewalk, utility corners, amongst docs to be loaded and unloaded, and to protect landmarks and plants. Different sites may require different space gaps. Bollards can be of immense use provided they are planned well and appropriately built and installed.

Public traffic management plays a very key role in ensuring the smooth movement of vehicles. High traffic roads turn the roads one way. Electric bollards will always aid in avoiding the high flow traffic and managing the traffic speed efficiently keeping accidents away. Street Bollards help in safe-guarding the public or pedestrians by avoiding any mount on the walkways.

Automatic Bollards

Automatic Bollards – These use an access control device to activate the hydraulic system and pump piston drive mechanism that makes it very viable with intensive use. The high level of its impact is sustained by its heavy base structure along with a reinforced cage and which increases its strength. Automatic rising bollards make use of electric pneumatic or hydraulic power. The power used in these mechanisms allows the driver to move the garage bollard up and down in an automatic manner. Why this helps in controlling public traffic area is also because it is suitable for a wide perimeter area. They can be used as fixed, removable, or in retractable versions. These high impact bollards provide vehicle stopping power to control any public traffic.

Gal Centurion 14

Hydraulic Retractable Bollards – Hydraulic rising bollards are used for high-security vehicle entrances and for a spot that needs to be closed for motorized traffic at specific timings. They have the flexibility of being installed as a single unit or in groups. Automatic hydraulic bollards consist of an incompressible fluid and pump system which helps in producing linear motion. A hydraulic retractable bollard system helps to trigger a driving force up to 25 times more than the pneumatic version of bollard, thus making it a better choice for heavy-duty usage any day. These do not require any retro-fitting and can be lowered even below the road surface. The linear motion helps to block or let the traffic pass in a smooth way.

Hydraulic Retractable Bollards

Electro-Mechanical Bollards helps to avoid accidental damage with vehicular impacts. It is an Ideal measure to use in high traffic areas or where there is a high likelihood of bollards being impacted by vehicles and where civilian peace is at stake. It is ideal where the motorists and car drivers are not familiar with the location, like in hospital entry or carparks of establishments. Electromechanical energy is used to lift these bollards and

The benefits of using automatic rising bollards to control public traffic are:

  • Traffic Management- It is useful in traffic diversions, test chanelling as well as road closures thereby reducing any mishaps occurring and affecting the public.
  • Traffic Calming and safety-It helps drivers to get alert about accidentally mounting on the sidewalks and safeguarding the driver vehicle and the public

Automated bollard system can be made with materials like cast iron, steel, concrete, and aluminum which gives it a strong structure When they are not being used, these automatic driveway bollards lower themselves back into the ground to create smooth, seamless, hazard-free surfaces that blend perfectly into the structure they are installed on.


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