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Quiko – a leading home automation systems provider

Quiko – a leading home automation systems provider

Quiko is a leading manufacturer and supplier of automation systems for gates along with other automation systems for various applications. An extensive product range of Quiko includes automation for residential and industrial gates, automation for roller shutters, automatic doors, automatic barriers, automatic rising bollards, parking systems, access control system and more. These Quiko products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards of Made In Italy. Here is an overview of high tech gate opening solutions and other automation systems offered by Quiko.

Swing Gate Openers by Quiko

Quiko offers an extensive range of swing gate openers for residential and industrial purposes. In this category, the company offers linear arm gate operators, underground systems and articulated arm automation. All Quiko swing gate operators are equipped with a battery backup system and manual release system to be used in power-failure. Quiko offers various models of swing gate openers like EON, NEO, ROTELLO, HYDRO, SPIDER, SCARABEO and SUB suitable for different weights and lengths of the gate.


  • EON linear swing gate operator is ideal for the gate leaves up to 4m in residential areas.
  • NEO linear swing gate operator is suitable for the automation of gate leaves up to 4m & 300kg in residential properties.
  • ROTELLO series electromechanical swing gate actuators can be installed for swing gates up to 4.5m long.
  • HYDRO hydraulic swing gate opener is most suitable for the automation of large-sized swing doors up to 6m.
  • SCARABEO series of articulated arm gear motors can be installed on swing gates having a maximum length of 2.5m per leaf.
  • SPIDER series electromechanic articulated arm gear motors are ideal for the automation of swing gates with large pillars.
  • SUB series underground swing gate openers can be installed underground in their special zinc-plated containers

Sliding Gate Openers by Quiko

Quiko offers a wide range of sliding gate openers for all types of sliding gates. Some of the sliding gate operators are available with or without a mechanical clutch and 230/110V or 24V operated. Quiko offers various models of sliding gate openers such as MOOVY, VELOS, ERCOLE, TITANO and ZEBRA suitable for different weights of the gate.

  • MOOVY sliding gate openers are ideal for the automation of large size sliding gates up to 2000kg.
  • VELOS series residential sliding gate openers are most suitable for residential gates weighing up to 600kg.
  • ERCOLE industrial sliding gate operators are the perfect choice for the heavy-duty industrial sliding gates weighing up to 2500kg.
  • TITANO industrial sliding gate operators are specially designed for the  automation of very heavy sliding gate weighing 3000kg, 4000kg and 6000kg
  • ZEBRA series gear motors for slide gates are ideal for automating residential gates weighing  up to 600kg.

Sliding Gate Openers By Quiko

Garage Door Openers by Quiko

Quiko, a leading home automation system provider, offers a range of garage door openers. In this category, the company offers garage door operator models like Syncro and Boxter.

  • SYNCRO series garage door motor is ideal for medium dimensioned garage doors. It comes with a gear motor with mounting brackets, control board with 433.92MHz receiver & antenna, and a 4 channel transmitter.
  • Boxter series garage door operators allow to automate either up and over doors or tilt-up doors safely. Its backup battery system allows the automation to work even in case of power-failure.

Garage Door Openers By Quiko

Apart from the gate automation systems, Quiko is one of the most trusted brands in Automations For Roller Shutters, Awnings & Shutters, Automatic Doors, Roller Shutter Motors, Industrial Door Openers, Automatic Barriers, Bollards And Parking Systems, Access Control Systems, Door Entry Systems and Hands-Free Opening Devices.