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Modernized sliding gate operators for comfort and convenience

Modernized sliding gate operators for comfort and convenience

Gate automation was once considered a luxury feature in the home. However, currently it is considered an affordable and practical installation within the home and business premises as well. This may seem like a minor bother to some, but having to get out of the car when arriving home late at night or rushing out, can have a toll on your well being. The solution is very simple.

Automatic sliding gate opener systems are designed to allow you to open gate automatically without having to manually handle the gate. The opener systems are easy to install and very cost effective nowadays compared to the past. They can be remote controlled or operated through a switching mechanism.

Residential Sliding Gate Operators

These are specific designs of sliding gate openers for gates that open by sliding along a rail as opposed to gates that open by swinging.  Some of the advantages of sliding gates include;

  • Compact installation that allows more room and space
  • Good security deterrent and harder to force open
  • Easy to fit into small spaces where there’s no room for outward and inward opening.
  • Unaffected by wind factor as compared to swing gates
  • Best for driveways with sharp turns
  • Can be done on a slope or even the ground.
  • The heavy duty sliding gate opener system is able to handle heavier loads.


Sliding Gate Motors

Sliding gate motors are used to drive the movement of the gate. The automatic system is customized in accordance to the size of a gate, weight of the gate and dimensions of the gate. They are also made to be able to withstand weather conditions all the time. The sliding gate motor is also designed to handle extensive usage, including usage in gate barriers and you are also able to control the size of passage depending on the kind of traffic moving in.