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How to inspect your industrial door opener

How to inspect your industrial door opener

Do you use industrial door operators at your industrial facility? Most probably, the answer would be yes. Industrial doors and main entryways of your business. Whether it is about receiving essential supply or sending out the orders, it is very important to have a functional entryway. The industrial sectional door opener may be the same as the residential door or coiling steel curtain doors. The modern industrial door openers are highly durable, but some attention is required to maintain safety and reliability.

It is very easy to perform some quick checks to that, the door and the industrial door opener is in functioning properly. This way you can ensure the highest levels of safety and prevent downtime. Such inspections help in reducing the requirements of repairs. Let us have a look at the list of items that can easily be inspected.

Visual Inspection:

Inspect your industrial door operating system on a regular basis. Check if there is any visible damage in track assembly. Have a look at the tires on the rollers to see if they are straight and tight on the axle. Check the counterbalance lift cables to see if there are any exposed wires or loose connections. It is also very important to check the functioning of spring counterbalance assembly as the industrial door operating system can generate power to lift the door, even if the spring is damaged, which can be dangerous.

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Working Test:

If you find everything fine in your visual inspection, open the door fully with the help of an industrial gate opener and put it back into a fully closed position. Observe if the industrial door motor is running smoothly. Check that there are not any gaps when the door is in fully closed position.

Many people use industrial sliding gate operators. If you have a sliding gate at your facility, you can check the functioning of the industrial sliding gate operator in the same way. While checking the operation of industrial slide gate openers, it is important to see that the opening and closing is completed smoothly.

Safety Check:

If your industrial door operating has reversing bottom edge system, you can check it easily. First, start the close cycle of the door. When it reaches the appropriate height, give a firm push at the bottom edge of the door with your hands in the upward direction. The door should stop the downward travel and it should go back to the fully open position. If your door operating system uses a photo-eye safety device, you can test it by interrupting the light beam with any obstruction like a trash can or an empty box. As soon as the light beam is interrupted, the door should stop the down word travel and it should go back to the open position.

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