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Growth prospective of automated barriers and bollards in western countries

In developed countries,most of the people install automated barriers and bollards for security purposes.As a matter of fact, it can be said that the market of automatic barrier gates as well as automatic rising bollards is likely to see a rise despite the pandemic affect around the globe.

The market of automatic barriers and automatic rising bollards has always boomed due to security concerns of people for different locations including industrial and residential areas.These automatic gate solutions have a large market where the monopoly of a single player is not possible. The only source of growth in automatic gate systems is by offering a diverse range of cutting edge technologies compatible enough to impress customers as well as uphold all the security standards.An increase in roadways and symmetrical increase in toll boothsare one of the prominent reasons, why the automatic road barriers have always seen an increase in demand.

In current times, the reasons have changed yet the similarity is that the market is growing for players looking to take over the market of security installations.The automatic gate openers at some places are used to ensure the social distancing in-between the common people.

Increasing Need for Automated Barrier Systems

Automatic barrier systems are mostly implemented for the safety of people. The primary reasons are pedestrians and secondary, for the vehicle owners.It has been observed that most of the safety precautions are implemented in western countries where people tend to follow advisory rules strictly. The automatic barrier gates are an efficient means of crowd control.

Moreover,these rising bollards are effective in commercial areas in the United States as well as other developed countries in the west.New opportunities are there by growing for players offering to serve with the latest technology incorporated in automatic gate barrier, automatic bollards, automatic systems for doors, and similar gate security technologies.

In the current situation, the major concern of any country’s government is the safety of its citizens. The increase in crime rate at each corner of the world is an extreme concern from the government’s perspective. An additional reason of concern to add to the government’s caution is the social distancing that needs to be maintained during the COVID-19 pandemic. These automatic rising bollards are of great means in such places where people due to lack of awareness and knowledge may ignore the concept of social distancing.

Security automatic bollardsare also installed by concerned people depending upon the location for better parking systems. As a result, these traffic retractable bollards are effective in the process of traffic management.

Market Statistics

Various researches have shown that the market of automatic gate barriers is likely to grow by 3.7% until the year 2027. The research has also shown that the market value of automatic barrier gates was $19.2 billion in the year 2019 and is expected to grow by 2027 at the estimated value of $25.4.

With amazing figures, the market seems to be booming but can only be dominated by the improvement in technology with updation in manufacturing terms and diversity of the types of machinery. In western countries like the USA, increased awareness among people from the pandemic perspective has resulted in more benefits and an increase in usage of automatic barrier systems.


Severalarguments have favoured the demand for automatic barriers and gate bollards is growing gradually. These technologies are a means of protection from different concerns that can result in the compromise of the public’s security.Hence, these can be noticed installed in residential and commercial places. The demand for security barriers has also shown a path to new market capturers to give it a try.

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