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Gate motors for sliding gate climbers

Gate motors for sliding gate climbers

Are you thinking of using a sliding gate? It is one of the many commercial and residential products that have become very popular over the last few years, especially for families with children or elderly people who are always in need of additional living space. This is where a sliding gate motor comes into play. You can buy one of these motors from Quiko Italy and this will allow you to install your own sliding door.

One type of sliding gate motor is the single-phase model, which is what most people think of when they picture a gate motor. These are made up of a single winding drum that is able to rotate on just one axis. The single phase gate is usually not too powerful but it is strong enough to move a normal sized door with ease.

A two-phase motor is a little bit more power behind it but it is not as large as a single phase unit. It does not have to use two batteries to start and they do run off of more than one battery. The price difference between a two phase and a single phase motor can be varied for different suppliers. You will find this to be enough of an advantage if you have a very heavy gate to slide up and down.

Sliding Gate Motor Single Phase Model Two Phase Motor

An advantage of the interlocking gate drive motor is that the gate does not need any moving parts to move. These motors are made up of a series of gears in a meshed pattern and the teeth themselves are very smooth. The interlocking feature ensures that there is no slop in the gears. Slop can cause a delay in the gate closing, which can defeat the purpose of having a sliding gate motor.

Since gate motors are usually very heavy, it is a good idea to purchase a good quality gate motor. It is better to get a motor that can withstand higher levels of acceleration and speed. You will need to make sure that you buy the appropriate motor size so that the gate can handle the extra load. For more information you can speak to a reputable dealer or visit a website www.quikoitaly.com that deals with gate motor applications.