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Garage openers and motors- their implications and uses while using modern technologies

Garage doors are large doors on a garage that opens manually or with the help of electric motors. Like the outer doors, the garage door provides security from external factors. It helps in protecting the vehicles against environmental elements. They also contribute towards avoidance of any burglary and this why there should be a breach-free garage door to prevent unauthorized entry. Garage doors are very convenient as they can open and close with the click of a button.

Fully Automatic Garage doors use two types of springs- Extension and Torsion Springs. Extension Springs extend to open and close the door, while the torsion springs help to lift and close the door smoothly. The benefits of garage door openers are-

  • Energy Efficient-The technology in automatic garage doors is advanced and energy-efficient.
  • Security-The garage door openers feature a rolling model that fluctuates in a manner that is only accessible to the user. Some garage openers even feature a vacation mode. This mode ensures the door does not open for a stipulated period while you are away. Also, some modes automatically close the door once you leave.
  • Technology-Most Modern doors are available with facilities to provide more convenience. The latest technology even can be controlled by smart app phones.

Garage Door Opener Motor Types- There are two types of motors for garage opener doors. They use the DC and the AC Power.AC motors require more components and were louder and heavier. Hence with technological up-gradations in this field, garage door motor manufacturers opted for a quieter and smaller way, though being powerful way beyond. Refined technologies were launched like the innovative SYNCRO series and the BOXTER series. The SYNCRO Series was brought in to activate any kind of garage door. It was designed to handle medium-dimensioned doors. It also incorporated a feature of eliminating any possibility for the door to remain open if left to close it. Another feature of it that is unique is the built-in anti-crush clutch. The BOXTER series featured silent movement by making use of resistant construction materials. These doors remained perfectly closed without the need for any additional locks.

Besides the above technology, the latest garage door openers use a top intercom facility for easy gate opening and an embedded keypad on the door for custom security. A few types of garage door openers and how they work would explain how modern technology benefits different types of uses.

Overhead Garage doors-There are two types of Overhead Garage Doors. The sectional types have a set of panels connected by fasteners. Once opened, they roll up in the garage ceiling area. They offer ulterior wind resistance as well as thermal protection. The traditional tilt-up option ones have a large frame panel and lateral springs which lift the entire door above the garage or driveway. The Overhead garage doors are made out of durable and scratch-resistant material which can take on extreme weather changes.

Spring Garage doors-There are two different types of springs used on garage doors. Torsion springs are located above the garage door and the main workforce behind lifting the actual weight of the garage door. Whereas torsion springs are attached just above the garage door, extension springs are located above the upper tracks on both sides. The spring garage doors prevent hardware wear and tear. They are also cost-effective options.



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