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Garage automation and gate automation : the ultimate solutions


Syncro Kit is a cutting-edge solution to any garage door automation. Syncro Kit combines the refined technology of Quiko’s electronics with the power and reliability of Syncro series geared motors.

It is characterized by:

  • Modern design
  • Built-in safety anti-crush clutch
  • Easy and fast setup

This device has a powerful motor that can handle medium dimensioned doors. The user can also choose to activate the automatic closing function: this feature is useful to automatically close the door in case it remains open by mistake.

Thanks to the easy manual release by cord it is also possible to open and close the door manually, in the event of a black out.

Garage automation: the innovative syncro kit

Quiko’s Syncro Kit features two different traction powers: QK-S60KIT (800N) and QK-S110KIT (1100N).

The kit includes a powerful gearmotor with mounting brackets, a control board with 433,92 MHz receiver and antenna, a 4 channel transmitter and a 3m chain operated transmission rail.

Syncro kit optionals

The Syncro kit features a complete and functional set of optionals:

  • QK-CE24SYV – a 24V replacement control board with 433,92 MHz radioreceiver
  • QK-SY3 – 3 metres of replacement iron rail
  • QK-SEB – a kit for external unlocking
  • QK-SYB – an oscillating arm for up-and-over doors
  • QK-FTPO – a set of safety infrared photocells
  • QK-LUX24 – a flashing lamp


Gate automation

Quiko introduces Scarabeo, a new series of gearmotors with articulated arm for swing gates. The maximum length of 2,5 meters per leaf and the easy installation are the main characteristics of this technology.

Moreover this series presents new features that make this product even more interesting and functional for the user:

  • mechanical limit switches
  • high visibility leds
  • possibility to unlock from outside

In fact, the geared motor can also be easily unlocked from outside, in full safety, thanks to the specific optional accessory.

All of Scarabeo’s electronic features and functionalities comply with the European Normative concerning automation security.

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Gate automation: discover the scarabeo kit

The Scarabeo kit is available in two different versions: QK-SCA230KIT, 230V ac max 2,5m (X2), and QK-SCA24KIT, 24V dc max 2,5m (X2).

This kit features:

  • 2 gearmotors with articulated arms
  • a control board with 433,92MHz receiver and antenna
  • a 4 channel transmitter
  • a set of Infrared Photocells
  • a flashing lamp
  • a key switch

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Scarabeo kit optionals

The Scarabeo kit’s optionals offer many additional useful features:

  • QK-CE220BATRL4 – 230V control board with 433,92MHz radioreceiver
  • QK-CE24BATR – 24V control board with 433,92MHz radioreceiver
  • QK-BPACK1 – 2 x 12V batteries
  • QK-ELS – 12V vertical electrical lock
  • QK-ARMO – armoured key switch with manual release system and pushbutton