Automation & Access Control of Doors and Gates - Domino

Secure and protect your premises by giving access to permitted visitors only. Quiko proposes its DOMINO range of electronic accessories for the automation and access control of doors, gates, large industrial doors, entrances or industrial doors for both a small and great number of users (from 250 to 4000 users).

Domino access control systems from QUIKO include a whole range for the management of access control with equipments like transponder card readers, magnetic card readers, and antivandal keypads. Each one of those equipments is available in either stand-alone or control board controlled versions for more security; moreover the resined electronic ensures a maximum security level. Through the wide range of control boards available, up to 4000 users are allowed and 2 doors are managed by each control board.

Functions like memory of events and anti-pass-back are just some of the modern features that Domino series access control systems offer. To promote access control systems and attendance management systems, it is necessary to have perfect knowledge about all the technologies used to enable persons or vehicles to enter and exit areas, to monitor and record all user movement and to manage the time zones and permissions in these limited areas. The access control system checks the flow of people or transportation means entering or exiting an area in a safe manner and without any direct control. The check control is activated by the user using a tag or badge. The data is sent to a programmed central control unit which then sends an enable signal to open the controlled area or a denial signal.

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