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Buying guide to help you make a right choice for automatic bollards

If you are planning to install automatic bollards at your facility, you will get a wide range of options. Today, automatic rising bollards are available in different types, shapes, sizes and colours. However, choosing the right type of auto rising bollards can be a complex task and there are some critical aspects that need to be considered while making a final decision. Here are some important factors that will help you in making the right choice of security automatic bollards for your facility.

The Need for Automatic Bollards

The primary thing to consider while buying automatic rising bollards is, why you need them. Everyone may have different needs like protecting buildings & properties, securing private land, managing traffic, ensuring pedestrian safety and many more. Based on your need, you can decide upon the features you need in security automatic bollards.

Features of Automatic Rising Bollards

As a result of constantly increasing usage of electromechanical bollards, leading manufacturers have developed hydraulic retractable bollards with high tech features. If you are looking for auto rising bollards to protect the pedestrian area and also need vehicle accessibility in that area, then retractable automatic bollards are the best option for you. Retractable armoured hydraulic bollards lock into raised position when in use and it slides into the ground when it is not in use. This functionality allows the vehicles to pass over whenever it is required.

The material of Security Automatic Bollards

Traffic retractable bollards come in different materials like Steel, Aluminium, Wood, Plastic and Cast Iron. Steel bollards and Aluminium boards are highly durable, strong and resistant to corrosion. Plastic bollards are extremely resistant to environmental elements and chemicals. Cast Iron bollards are robust and long-lasting. The sustainability of the rising bollards is a very important aspect and it highly depends on the material, hence one should take it into consideration while making the final purchase.

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Maintenance of Rising Bollards

Generally, bollards are manufactured from high-quality materials so that they last long, but there are various things that can damage hydraulic retractable bollards. The most common reasons that can damage the automatic bollards are vehicle impact and lack of proper maintenance. Hence, choosing the right rising bollards with fewer maintenance requirements is very important. In addition, the maintenance of road bollards is also very essential to ensure its smooth functioning. It is always advisable to get the maintenance done from the professionals.

Why Choose Quiko Automatic Rising Bollards

Quiko Italy is a leading automatic bollards manufacturer offering high quality automated bollards made in Italy. As a leading Italian retractable bollards producer, we offer an extensive range of Centurion automatic bollards to protect your properties. In addition, we as bollard manufacturers & supplier also offer a wide range of automation solutions such as automatic barriers and parking systems, automatic doors, industrial door openers, access control systems, automations for roller shutters, awnings & shutters and many more.

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