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Beneficial aspects of roller shutter motors for industrial & residential use

Roller Shutter is a shutter fitted to the window or panels and which are used a security purposes as they cannot be easily broken or pulled away without lots of effort and awakening sound. Apart from being a visual deterrent, any intruder who sees it from outside would feel it is futile to tamper with it moves away. Hence it offers a great deal of security for residential and industrial uses. This is also a useful tool to protect the windows and doors against any harsh weather. A thick wall of insulation safeguards any damage to the property. A description of roller shutters could be helpful to us to understand the nature of the motor and its role in it.

  • They appear very classy, smooth, and sleek owing to their motor style.
  • The hauling of such shutters comes with a remote control or switch which is again the functionality of its motor.
  • It is ideal for outdoors and large coverage areas.
  • Its simple structure with a concealed sheath makes it easy to clean along with its motor.
  • It is easily made of heavy material when needed to be used for security and protection purposes and is supported by roller shutter motors.

Automated Roller shutters for industrial uses offer a lot of benefits:

  • Energy-saving is a major concern for the present generation and this foam-filled aluminum profile locks in any air leaving out causing less energy to be used and cutting air conditioning costs. The motor shutters make it easy for any time opening and closing.
  • The ones for Industrial uses are built for high traffic usage areas and they generally use galvanized steel which is a very touch material and resistant to sharp and harsh materials cracking or corrosion. Electric motors with a remote mechanism give ease to this operation.
  • These shutters provide a very noiseless operation and the motors in this are so well self-lubricated that they provide a very smooth operation.
  • They are designed to segregate logistic areas so that the airflow and contamination are reduced to a great extent in the same establishments especially where industries need to maintain utmost hygiene.Any kind of hazard especially a fire break out can be avoided as even in the event of a fire breakout, these shutters prevent it from spreading.


These shutters suit residential needs in the following way and the shutter motor aids in the following manner-

  • When residential properties are considered, these roller shutters make better use of space and are very helpful in providing a nice layout and design to the exterior of your home.
  • Privacy and safety get amplified with the use of these as any forced entry can be stopped to your premises.
  • Ease of use as they consist of mostly power-operated motors when used for residential purposes. Some of them use the chain system too but generally, it is a very straightforward mechanism and a big value for money for years to come.
  • Sun protection is one of the advantages this shutter can give because curtains pass on the heat once the glass of the window gets heated, but the foam-filled roller shutter stops heat coming directly into the home. Due to the motor facility, the shutters can be closed and opened as per the time of the day.

All these functions are based on the motor of the roller shutter. These roller shutter motors could be of the below types:

Electric Roller shutter motors – These motors work by turning the camera imaging sensor on and off. These motors work in liaison with the sensory action when the camera detects a fast approaching moving object.

Tubular Motors for Roller Shutters- These are tubular-shaped motors with blind protection up and down and their position is adjusted through the assembly cable. Its features include a smart force measurement and a soft brake for noise management. It is like a moveable rod that contains cylinder magnets structured in alternating and opposite directions for a clean movement of the shutter.

The roller shutters simply spell elegance, call out on functionality, and are used in numerous applications both horizontally and vertically. Unhindered access to the storage area as they leave behind space and privacy ensures workability and a smooth motion.

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