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Automatic sliding gates – facts & market statistics

Automatic sliding gates – facts & market statistics


The Automatic Sliding Door is a framework that works on a sliding entryway for people on foot use. It opens the entryway immediately, pauses, and afterward closes the entryway after the pedestrian has crossed the threshold.

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Electrical motors for sliding gates are utilized to computerize new or flow sliding or twin sliding doors.

A moving electronic entryway guarantees that the doors should not be pushed manually. Sliding gate kits are simpler to compel open, which guarantees that they can give more soundness and insurance than swing entryways.



The electric motors for sliding gates are used to manage the sliding of the doors based on electricity supply. For the working of sliding gate electric motor, we have options for automatic as well as operator operated. A sliding gate control board plays an effective role in working of the device. The major places which use a sliding gate opener operator, prefer it to be automatic than to be operated manually.

Preparing an entryway engine with help of sliding gate installation process comprises of a Wi-Fi association with the By-door application for control with the sliding gate. By this you can deal with the door whenever you need from anywhere and instantly from your cell phone.

Just one movement to open, to close, to keep away from the door remotely, from anyplace, anytime. At any second, the owner knows the status of his/her entryway. The application conveys each opening, regardless of whether simply constrained, continuously through modern means the control of the gates, empowers the customer to act likewise.


An Industrial Sliding Gate Motor is utilized to control passage to the secured field. This heavy duty sliding gate opener keeps unapproved interlopers from entering the premises utilizing dynamic or detached wellbeing gadgets.

Sliding entryways, locks, carport entryways, and shades are a portion of the uses of mechanized entryway opening gadgets. Quick industrialization and consistent improvement of the land business have additionally prodded business requests. Moreover, interest for automation is driven by development in business adventures in western nations that execute mechanical computational methods, this is anticipated to help the market during the figure time frame.

The Global Automated Gate and Door Opening Device Market are anticipated to develop to USD 14,238.3 million by 6.8 percent CAGR by 2025 during the figure time frame.

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  • Access Control Device — Card Recognition Program, Fingerprint Identification Device, Speech Identification System, Facial Identification System, Remote Control System, Iris Scan System, Mobile Access System, Closeness Detection System, and Keypad System.
  • By entryway type—swinging doors, sliding entryways, screen framework, blast hindrances, and bollards.
  • By end-client—business, transportation center points, military, modern, and private.


The interest for the Heavy Duty Sliding Gate Opener and Automatic Sliding Gate was portioned dependent on the Access Control Program, the Gate Size, the End User, and the Area.

Contingent upon the entrance control framework, the interest for the mechanized entryway and electric sliding gate opener has been fragmented into the card label framework, unique mark distinguishing proof framework, voice acknowledgment framework, facial identification camera framework, remote control framework, iris filtering framework, versatile access framework, vicinity sensor framework and keypad framework. In light of the type of gadget, the interest for electronic slide entryways and entryway opening structures has been isolated into swing doors, slide entryways, shade frameworks, blast obstructions, and bollards.

By end-client, the interest for mechanized entryway and entryway opening frameworks has been sectioned into business, travel, resistance, mechanical, and private center points.

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Automatic Sliding Door Operator has known to be cost-effective from multiple points of view against interruption SECURITY, proficiency, and quick assistance.