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Automatic Sliding Door Openers in Australia

When purchasing sliding door operators in Australia, it is essential to make sure that you choose a reliable, high-quality product. Sliding door operators at Quiko are typically small, highly geared devices that may meet the safety requirements. Since there are tests conducted for automatic door systems, you can know if yours is compliant with the Standard. If you are unsure whether your automatic door meets safety standards, contact your local shire council office.


You can find a variety of Automatic sliding door openers in the Australian market. The company is based in Italy, Europe. It has experience of many years in supplying the best quality sliding doors to all most all continents of the world. It provides a sliding door opener that makes opening and closing your door a simple task. Whether you are in the process of renovating your home or just want to automate your home, Quiko is an excellent option.

Sliding door openers use the same technology that controls automatic doors and makes them easier to use. These devices are simple to install and work with free-running residential sliding doors. The technology works on a rack-and-pinion system, which means that you can retrofit them to your existing doors. The 24V motor gear pulls the door open and closes itself as soon as you release the button.

Velos Sliding Door Openers

Velo’s automatic doors provide a unique solution for interior environments. Available with huge powder, and compact configurations, these doors effectively separate the indoor and outdoor climate. Velos sliding door openers also provide access control options, as well as access control, security, and safety features. For high-traffic applications, Velos sliding door openers can be retrofitted to existing systems.

Velos automatic door systems come complete with a door, operator, and safety devices. The system is also available with a backup battery feature for added security. Velos sliding door openers are reliable and offer exceptional value for money. The company has been designing and manufacturing automatic doors for many years and now sells a comprehensive range of solutions for businesses and homes.

Moovy Sliding Door Openers

Ouiko sliding door openers in Italy, also provide Australia with reliable solutions for all sliding door needs. They ensure maximum security and energy savings with an extensive range of functions and custom programming. These doors help minimize thermal exchange, which is an important factor in preventing energy loss. The Moovy automatic door has an energy-saving system, a manual release system for emergencies, and high durability. It also can operate with little to no noise.

The Moovy sliding gate motor is a powerful Gearmotor built specifically for the Australian climate. This door opener can be individually programmed for various settings including a non-reversing function or a delay. It transmits a unique rolling code each time it is activated. This door opener also has an individually programmed receiver. The gate opener receiver can be programmed for the maximum thrust level, or with no delay.

Titano Sliding Door Openers

The Titano sliding door opener is a simple, yet versatile option for the industrial spaces. The model is designed for surface-mounted installation and construction. It features superior performance, energy efficiency, and sleek aesthetics. And, it provides the widest clear door openings in the industry.

The Titano sliding door opener is simple to use, thanks to its size and easy installation. It also features battery backup and manual release system. The Titano sliding door opener includes a power switch. The function switch on the door’s control panel indicates the operation mode.

Ercole Sliding Door Openers

The Ercole sliding door opener is a sleek, space-saving device that is ideally suited for industrial spaces. It features a microprocessor for intelligent control and automatic reliability. Battery life is also available, which makes it an excellent choice for long-term use. Moreover, it features a long warranty and a manual release system. Ercole is available at an affordable price. Let’s take a closer look at its features and benefits.

The Ercole sliding door opener is a robust solution for any architectural need. It is flexible enough to fit into any kind of architectural space, be it a modern home or a classic mansion, or industrial space. Its innovative technical features make it ideal for sliding doors with single or double leaves. Ercole ensures significant energy savings. Moreover, it is suited for sliding doors with a maximum weight of 2500kg.

The Bottom Line to Automatic Sliding Doors

If you are looking for an automatic sliding door operator in America, then look no further than Quiko. We have provided thousands of operators across all types of projects. As a door solutions provider, we also offer bespoke designs. Visit https://www.quikoitaly.com/en to learn more about the company and its automatic door operators.

You can find Quiko Italy at Via Seccalegno, 19, 36040 Sossano (VI) – Italy. Our official website lists their contact details and a map of the company’s office and manufacturing facility. If you have a door needing an automated operation, contact us through the website for more information. You can also reach us by phone. We will happily talk through your requirements and help you choose the right automatic door for your premises.

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