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Automatic door systems – make the right choice

Automatic door systems – make the right choice

Automatic doors have become popular in many sectors; it’s an expected expectation in all modern buildings: doors automatically open and close themselves. In malls, airports, and departmental stores, such doors act as welcoming and available entrances. In apartment and condo buildings, they provide easy access to units with elevators. In schools, such doors act as waiting areas and in medical clinics, they provide easy access to patients.

The beauty of such doors is their convenience and the great value they add to the security of a building. In both commercial and residential applications, automatic sliding systems provide great convenience. They allow you to use your already existing manual or motor-driven doors and make them even more convenient with remote control. For example: if you have a two-story home or a penthouse, you can take advantage of the automatic sliding system to slide your doors right up to the entrance.

Of course, the real beauty of such systems is the automation it provides. With a simple wireless connection, you can integrate the features of your door automation system with those of your security system. Some common features of such integration are automatic doors, remote control, automatic windows and lighting, voice activation, and telephone entry.

It has an advanced system of four high-tech sliding door operators. The operators use a handheld transmitter that enables them to identify, locate, and activate the doors within their sight. This enables Automatic Door operators to control the doors automatically; and this, in turn, enables them to control the number of doors opened and closed.

If you own your own home, one of the most important considerations you must make is the proper maintenance of your automatic doors. This will ensure that you do not have to endure repairs for years on end. The first step in proper maintenance is regular cleaning of the door contacts. A thorough cleaning every six months is a good way to ensure that your automatic doors work properly.

Automatic doors use an innovative infrared motion detector system that enables you to locate the users easily and opens all the doors accordingly. This innovative technology makes it convenient for older people to utilize their bathroom facilities.

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