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Automatic bollards: how to guarantee maximum safety and protection in public places

Automatic bollards: an anti-terrorism solution, to protect at-risk sites and easily manage entrances / exits

Vehicle terrorism: how to fight it with security bollards

Guaranteeing maximum protection for public places is one of today’s priorities for urban security. Vehicle terrorism is particularly dangerous because it makes use of means that are available to everyone (cars, trucks and vans) and can affect a large number of people in a few minutes, especially in very crowded places. One of the most dramatic episodes of recent years was the Toronto attack in April 2018. During the attack, a man used a van as a ram and ran over pedestrians in the business district of North York City Center, killing 10 people and wounding 16 others, some critically.

How can these attacks be prevented? What are the most effective solutions?

There are three reasons why protecting at-risk cities is not always easy:

  • It is necessary to limit access to vehicles without preventing access to tourists. Generally, the places in question are crowded and require wide passages so as not to inhibit the free movement of pedestrians.
  • Often, they are spaces of artistic value that require discreet defensive solutions, without damaging the site’s beauty.
  • Furthermore, the solutions must be functional and practical to install in a short time, while ensuring a high level of security.

Automatic bollards: an effective, immediate and versatile solution

The vast experience accumulated over the years has allowed QUIKO to develop solutions in line with market demand. To guarantee maximum safety and reliability in every context, QUIKO has designed CENTURION, a complete range of electric bollards. In addition to ensuring the protection of at-risk places, the range is also suitable for:

  • Protecting places at risk from theft and robbery
  • Easily managing entrance / exit to parking lots

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Security bollards: fundamental characteristics for a high-end product

CENTURION is a range of automatic rising bollards with optimal features and multiple functions. High resistance in all weather conditions ensures maximum performance even in adverse weather.

Often such protection must be installed in places where decor and aesthetics are key, such as at the gates of historic city centres or near monuments and works of art. For this reason, the CENTURION range is designed to be very discreet and not excessively influence the environment where it is installed.

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Rising bollards: safety at heart

Attention to detail is synonymous with 360° efficiency. The QUIKO installations are equipped with a high-intensity retro-reflective film with a crown of strong penetration lights to make them visible helping to avoid accidents.

Furthermore, in the event of a power failure, the system automatically drops. It is also possible to install a special optional kit composed of buffer batteries to avoid this happening.