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Automatic barrier gates- how to choose them?

Whether it is a mall to a car park, a private or company premise, or an industrial premise and toll station, automatic barrier gates are used as a stand-alone measure or in combination with other access control systems. These are most commonly used as entry barriers, parking barriers, and security barriers. Many different options are available and your decision depends on two major factors:

  • Traffic intensity
  • Types of User

How to Choose Automatic Barrier Gates?

Where there is heavy and multiple user access low voltage barriers are preferred which allows for redundancy. In residential areas, use of remote controls badges and responders are used so that traffic movement is made quick and easy. Automatic system for swing gate solutions help authorized users open and close gates from the comfort of their cars. Another method is by the use of token insertion or use of magnetic card which operates on the same principle. Where there is heavy traffic load magnetic loop systems come into play which passes through a detector positioned on the road surface and the automatic barrier lifts to let it pass and then closes once the pass is done.

Technical aspects to be chosen of Automatic Barrier Gates:

Materials used-A very relevant factor to be considered for automatic barrier gate is the climate of the region. For any outdoor use, exterior shells in plastic materials coated with polyester paint are used for outdoor material. There is even a provision for painted which gives high resistance to any temperature.

Size and space- What needs to be accessed for an automatic barriers is how the barrier gate will be fit and supported and what is space available.

Regulations-There are guidelines and options available for automated security gates from time to time to avoid any crushing incidents and it considers the safety of children too.

Power Supply – How much power supply is available corresponding to the level of activity where this automatic barrier gate is required.

Operating and access control systems- There are innumerable choices available from voice to video intercoms as well as operated switches and digital pads. What economical choices coupled with technology up-gradation play a pivotal role in choosing the barrier type.

Automatic barriers and Bollards are useful for traffic management, pedestrian safety and to prevent any accidental damage. The advantage is that these are constructed from stainless steel and prevent any high-speed crashes. If you are looking for a barrier gate for shopping centers,carparks, warehouses, industrial parks, and schools this seems to be the best option.

Listing out a few benefits of an Automatic Barrier gate is :

Reduces Overhead- Anyone who wants to limit the entry of individuals can use this and hiring security guards and their management seems to be a more tedious task and considering the amount of investment saved, the right choice seems inevitable

Reviews access logs- Any organization which demands high security and privacy can prevent any illegal activities or unauthorized entries.

Cost Control and revenue – While it reduces overhead it saves cost and it can be a source of earning revenue where even entry is charged like malls and parking areas.

In Conclusion

To automize home or office space and resolve small hurdles most conveniently is the dream of every manufacturer and Italian manufacturers and suppliers to take a lead in this technology. Quiko is an Italian  automatic barriers manufacturer company that provides excellence at par for its automatic barrier gates owing to its strong research and development in this field and sturdiness and reliability in both construction and use. A leader in automation and automatic gate barriers and Bollards is just the ideal choice when it comes to design, choose comfort and quality.






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