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Advanced management and diagnostics for gate automation

Advanced management and diagnostics for gate automation

Gate automation is a technology that conveniently allows users to enter and exit any property without manually opening the doors. Gate automation has gained a lot of popularity due to its easy management and diagnostics with advancing technology. There are a plethora of options available to keep homes and commercial buildings equipped securely.

They have the benefits of –

  • Security
  • Convenient entry and exit
  • Tracking of Visitors
  • Aesthetic Appeal

Sliding Gate Openers

If gate openers are to be placed outdoor, they have to withstand a lot of weather conditions. They are designed in maintenance-free materials which guarantee the longevity and trouble-free use of gate openers. Manual sliding systems use an oil motor reduction gear along with a worm gear on the ball bearings to sustain heavy operations. The automatic sliding gate opener is most suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications and is known for consuming less power, easy to install features, automated operations, and an impeccable look. Expertise is used for their long functionality and they are given an excellent powder-coated finish. Some of their designed features are-

  • Time scheduled electronic systems with inbuilt switches which provide precision to electric motors. The electronic panel is embedded with a variety of optional features like the magnetic card, and optical beam sensors.
  • Mechanical Clutch to exert the required thrust and offer a noiseless operation.
  • Electromechanical units offer gate locking systems and a passkey option in case of a power failure.

There are these electric slide gate kits that make an existing slide gate open and close automatically. They usually have a flat gear attached to the side of the gate and the pinion gear on the motor winds the gate to open and close. Advanced technology here uses magnet-based brushless motors. They have the advantage of generating no heat, have minimal friction, and offer non-stop operation with very little power compared to traditional motors. The sliding gate motors also called sliding gate operators are specially designed motors that can be operated electrically with the help of a switch, remote, or any access control system. These have thermal sensor protection and safety photo-sensors. There is anti-rebound technology too which works like an ant-bump for protection. The automatic sliding gate openers are equipped with efficient and high-performance motors that provided them a very long life with very low maintenance.

Gal Moovy 1307 2

Working of an Automatic Gate

They uses a radio control to send the impulse to the control unit which activates the motor. There are two parts-

  • Control Unit- They detect signals
  • Photo Cell-It is that component that consistently receives signals from the controlling unit. It performs the task of identifying people or objects within the range and reach of the gate. The photocell functionality is crucial to avoid any accident and crushing.

Gal Moovy 1307 6

Importance of Gate Maintenance

Gates must be maintained clean and be lubricated all the time. This could avoid future break up and reduce any repair cost which may arise in the future. Any wear and tear between the moving parts are avoided by the use of good lubricators.

Manufacturers of Sliding gate openers design them in such a way with careful research and fully tested under all environmental conditions to ensure a smooth and error-free installation as well its working. They are ideal when other gate installations are not viable due to space constraints and rough grounds.





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