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7 easy to follow tips to maintain your garage door opener

7 easy to follow tips to maintain your garage door opener

Introduction- A garage door is a motorized device that opens and closes a garage door and brings the basic convenience while being strong and virtually silent, durable, and technologically smart. They provide a full suite of advanced access and safety features. The new generation of garage openers or the overhead garage door openers is one full of revolutionary features that mount to the wall on either side, freeing up a lot of space for storage, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and lots more. Besides, the vehicle compatibility is huge and the smart and soft motor activation results in less vibration and wear and tear as years roll by. However, a few essentials to maintain the garage door opener are important to follow to preserve its life and ensuring the property is safe and secure-

1. Checking the seal- The garage door must have a tight-fitting seal else it can easily let debris cold air and water creep in. The easiest way to check this is to stand with the garage door open and look out for any light peeking through. If there is one, the likeliness of having a gap or break in the seal increases.

2. Testing the safety features- The prime thing to be maintained is the testing of the garage door balance. Also, the garage door opener manufacturers manage and maintain the garage spring door most professionally so that it lasts for years to come. Similarly one should watch out if the springs, pulleys, and cables on both sides look symmetrical and the rollers are inspected now and then. To prevent any accidents and mishaps, the auto-reverse function of the electromechanical garage door motors should be reviewed periodically.

3. Ensuring a proper backup system is present- The automated garage doors should have a battery back in case of any failure or blackouts. The manual release system is available for all sectional garage door openers as well as the spring and overhead ones and the user should be able to operate the door manually for any convenience.

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4. Testing the weatherstrip- Most of the automated garage door openers are tested for extreme weather conditions during the production process by the garage door motor manufacturers. However, if the rubber weather seal strip is brittle or cracked replacing it is the best way for smooth functioning.

5. Lubrication of the moving parts- Keeping the moving parts of the garage door opener greased up can add years to the life and seamless operation into the system. Grooming the exterior part of the garage door also can make it look robust and sustain it for longer years. Steel doors may have rust spots that need to be sanded, primed, and painted while the wooden ones need to be checked for water and warp damage.

6. Reducing friction between the door and the stop-Adjusting the track brackets can also reduce friction between the door and the doorstop. Dirt, grease, and dried leaves can build up along the tracks over time, blocking the door’s path and possibly causing damage. Vaccuming it up to loosen the debris and wiping it can help reduce damage and friction.

7. Inspecting the hardware and adjusting the door opening and closing speed- It is crucial to check the lift cable system, steel rollers, and door tracks and hinges. Similarly, if the overhead garage door opens too quickly or slowly adjusting the tension of the torsion springs could help majorly.

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Safety tip – It is recommended to unplug the automatic door opener during preventive maintenance. One can affix a clamp on the track under one of the rollers to prevent the door from slipping down.

Bottom Line- The garage door is not only a protected vehicle but adds an aesthetic appeal to the property Learning how to maintain a garage door opener is of prime importance to keep the doors operating efficiently. A regular maintenance regime can help in avoiding mishaps with simple tips to be followed.