Utilizing Barriers to Safeguard Industrial Premises

Icarus Automatic Barriers

We always try to protect our things and personal belongings at home and similarly we preserve our hard earned money and the industries too. This article focuses on the types of barriers that are in trends for industrial usage.
Efficient road barriers and a proper handling system are the need of the hour these days. With an increasing number of vehicles and areas getting populated by offices, hospitals, public places and residential premises, road security barrier solutions are the answer to parking issues, lane management, speed control, traffic diversion, highlight construction zones. These barriers are available in different lengths and heights.

Road barriers-

These automatic road barriers are sturdy barriers used for safety and during traffic management. Water filled barriers are robust barriers with high strength, crack and corrosion resistant. Plastic barricades are also used, but they are for temporary requirements.

Automatic barrier gates- They are available in boom gates, which are automatically operated. It comprises a bar which is pivoted to a pole. Automatic barrier gates helps to ensure controlled vehicle movement to and fro specific points. The tip of a boom gate rises in a vertical position to allow the entry or exit of vehicles. Boom gates are counterweighted so that the pole is easily tipped. Boom gates are usually present in paired from end to end. To increase approach visibility, some boom gates also have a second arm, which hangs 300 to 400 mm below the upper arm.

Barrier Gate Automation

There are various technologies devised to make an automatic barrier. One among them is an electro-mechanical method which is reliable and widely used. The other technologies may vary as per manufacturer's specifications. These electro-mechanical devices have an intact 24V DC drive unit which can run continuously without generating heat. This property in electro-mechanical boom barriers enables it to be operated continuously and in an intensive duty cycle.

Automatic gate barriers can be reached via remote control, push buttons, loop detector, RFID or third party access control systems.

Implications of Barrier System

A constant increase in the number of road traffic accidents and the imposed speed limits requires the stronger implementation of barrier systems on road infrastructure to devise better road safety systems. One of the ways that have been commonly recommended and employed to improve road safety is by making use of road restraint systems. Such safety barriers not only helps in reducing the number of road traffic accidents but also lowering the severity of accidents. As a result, they are one of the most preferred equipment to be installed by the owners in order to safeguard the premises from such disastrous situations.
Automatic Boom barrier gates are observed in various places such as the entrance of residential and commercial buildings, toll booths, departmental stores, shopping malls, etc. These gates stop the entry of vehicles and collect information for the visitor or the vehicle details before letting it in. The government installs toll booths to monitor the entries from neighboring states. The state government collects toll tax vehicles from driving and puts it into the welfare of the people.

The Bottom Line

Quiko, an Italian company, a supplier of access systems, barrier gates, etc. provides the whole range of safety systems for personal as well as industrial purposes. The company has been serving its clients all across the world ensuring quality products.

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