Discerning architects and builders insist that automatic gate mechanisms have to be invisible; this is especially important during the renovation of historic buildings.

One of the best ways of maintaining the clean lines of a gate is to use QUIKO underground gate openers from the SUB range. These underground swing gate motors can be installed underground, safely out of sight, in their special zinc-plated containers with drainage holes to deal with rainwater.

A handy feature of SUB series underground openers is their easily accessible manual unblocking mechanism so that the gate can be opened during power cuts. The inground swing gate operator is lubricated with permanent grease so that it does not require maintenance. An optional accessory (QK-KIT18016) of this underground electric gate kit gives a 180° opening. Adding to these features, the automatic swing gate opener has a stainless steel output shaft that boasts of new and efficient anti-slack system.

All the components are tough and hard-wearing, made in steel, iron, aluminium and bronze using cutting edge technology and expert workmanship that guarantees reliability in the long-lasting SUB underground swing gate system. As a result, it is one of the most popular choices when it comes to in-ground swing gate operators.

The inground swing gate openers (underground electric gate motors) are installed invisibly in the ground and also do not alter the appearance of the gate. Along with maintenance, this inground swing gate operator results in simplified installation and hence giving ease of operation from inside and outside the gate. The inground swing gate motor can be easily controlled by the electronic control unit that gives ease of operation and functionality as well. This high-quality underground swing gate operator is known for its efficiency and durability.

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