ROTELLO series swing gate actuators by QUIKO are irreversible operators for swing gates, that unite reliabilty and ease of use. The noiseless and ultra resistant steel and bronze mechanism will let the user forget about the swing gate opener once installed. Moreover, the die-cast, powder painted aluminium body will resist to all environmental conditions.

Each ROTELLO series swing gate actuator is electromechanical and it has been studied to satisfy a variety of utilizations. They can be installed on swing gates up to 4,5 mt long and they have been created to be extremely easy to install. The interior-work, completely designed for a heavy use, guarantees a noiseless and long-lasting work of the whole swing gate automation system. Moreover, thanks to their sober design and their clean and rational shapes of electromechanical gate actuator, QUIKO swing gate actuators are suitable for any kind of swing gate automation. The electromechanical operator is equipped with high power motor for application in large swing gates. Electromechanical rams are manufactured with long lasting materials in order to achieve longer endurance for intensive applications. The swing gate actuators have a provision of installing battery pack so that it can be functional while there is no electricity. Quiko also provide swing gate kit whose motor dimension allow it to be installed at limited spaces. The actuators of the device are self-locking, meant for residential applications. Underground electromechanical operators, on the other hand, are preferred for maintaining clean lines of gate and are installed underground in the special zinc plated foundation boxes.

In case of electrical black-out the key operated manual release system allows the user to unlock the swing gate openers and move the gate manually.

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